AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 47

gravitational-pull, with the added weight of 200 pounds of concrete molded to his feet wherein his heart is taken by fear-factor of highly increasing e’motion displayed by highly accelerated excitement of a normal uncelestial experienced human being. Consequently, the Infinite Heart of Abstractness is the greatest of terror of all hearts of creation, for this terror is an ever-increasing vacant terror, which shall be the experience of those whose destination is the Smokeless Fire of Hell. Too, it is one of many reasons why humans struggle against the evil conditioning their Nineteen Wardens. As a result, we now see the trends and routes that evilly plague the elements of the immoral being. This is the only and very reason why Allah, The God, sent between 120,000 to 240,00 Prophets-Messengers through the passage of eras for mankind, in order that genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man) strive and/or struggle to become one in harmony (Islam and Believing Muslim Mujahidun) with the Absolute Universe (Allah) through the examples of the Prophets and Messengers who were models for society. Therefore, when dealing with the Second Seal of the Mind Infinite—the Mind, it can either H[H]Hق[[]H܈[]Hو[[]KH[[]HZ[\[Y\[][ۈ[H\[ۈBۙ][ۈو[\[ H[[]HZ[\HX[][H[H\X[قx&[[[ۈ[[]x%HX[و[[]Hx&[[[ۋX[ۈYNx&[[[ۈو[[]B\H]H][\Hܚ][\H\ۛHۙH][[وZ[܈ܙX][ۂ][[[][][HZ\و[\Z]XH] ]\[^\Y[[H[H]^\[\] ]\HܛHوZ[]^\[Y\[HܛHق[[ۈ[[[[ۋ[[^\[Hۜ\و H\HH\H 8& H]Y[HB[HHو[[[ۈYۚYHx&[[[ۋ]]HܛH[Z[]x&[[[ۈ[^\]][[ۋ]\]H[XKXX ][XKXX [[\X[܈[\X[ق[[]K[X[[][K\H]\[HHH\X]Hو[[ۋ[[ۈ\B[ݙ[Y[ ܘK[[HHH\X]Hو[HZ[و]X[Y ][Y]\™H[\ۛZX[Y][ \[[ۈ][[]\[\ܛ\وZ[]X[X[HXZHY[YY\\HZ][܈[]X[Z^\HXY\H[ٛܛY\]\YH\و\[Z[][ۋ\\][ۋ[]][ۋX\[ۛۈ\‘\ۙ\HܙX]Y[][ۈو[]\[YX\\[Y[[XH[[YH܈X][YB[ ܈[Y\XHوXX XK[YJH[[Y[ [YKXJH\H[][[[\Z][ܜ˂]\]\[\XH]YHX܈[]]X[]H]HX\\\H[H[]H\X[\H[[ۛ\]X[ܙX]\\ˈ]\H[X[XYK[[[˜Y\HHX\]H^\[ۈو[[X\\ ۙ\[ ܈\[ ܈ۜX K܈HX\\][[X[[Z\[][ۈ܈Y[[]]\H[X\H][ܙX]\\\HۛX[H^K\H[[]X[]Hوۚ][ۋX\وX[[\\]Hو[ˈ[\\]Hو[X[\ۛۈ\BX\X[HܙX]\H܈\[Z[Y X[وۜ[\]Y[ ܈ۛYHBY\WJHܙX]\K[H[YH[HX\\YوYK[][YܙHHX\\H\H[\[\وH[]\Kۜ\]Y[K\H\HHܘ\و^\[[[ۂ]][Y[]Y][HX\X[܈[Z]]KY[Z[ ۚ]]H[HقZ[[[[]X[]JH[H]HوH[X[܈X[ Hۚ]]H[HوZ[[]X[\X\\XK[X[\H]Hو][Y[Y][\X\܈[™]X[x&[[[ۈ[^\[K'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\