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do evil or righteousness within his Nineteen Behavioral Availabilities, for example: he has the choice to use the mind to entertain what is evil or what is righteous; to use the tongue to speak a lie or to speak the truth; to use the hand to make wars of oppression or to use the hands to defend what is righteous and ordained al’Jihad in the Holy-war-struggle as Mujahidun; or to use the feet to carry him to be among devils or to use his feet to carry him to be among the righteous. So, I ask you, what behavior are you trying to master? What does the Holy Bible mentions about serving masters? “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else will hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” (Holy Bible Matthew 6:24). Again, our trials are none other than the Nineteen Identified Kinetical Behavioral Influences cause a negative or positive influential vibrational charge, that which is transformed into the Mind’s Seven Stages of Lights or Consciousness. This transformation is the machination to human behavior of ethics (to distinquish right from wrong). If man is not in harmony with the earth beneath his feet and that which comes out of the earth of the herbage, or improper use of raw material (diamond, gold, silver, platinum, steel, iron, oil, gas, etc.), water, and also that which man considers to be portions of the universe, then this disharmony will cause him to manifest negatively and produce negatively of available elements, whether it be Abstract and/or Tangible. In addition to your previous reading of the Abstract-tangible, remember that it is the final stage of the visual tangible for men of celestialness though, for it is abstract to the men of uncelestialness. This disparity among men of uncelestialness is due to their inexperience with the abstract worlds while experiencing stages of existence in life as a human being. Consider that the eyes provide vision for the machinist who opens the head to depths of lights in consciousness. The Head is the Second Stage of Chaos, for its confusion exists on seven levels of behaviors, which we know to be the interpersonal –conscious, intrapersonal-conscious, conscious, subconscious, superconscious, magnet-conscious, and infinite conscious levels. Thus, to make a long factual Reality short, the Head or Infinite Mind of Chaos is within the seven Abstract existences of Infinity. Its reality is the similitude, but greater in confusion, of that of a human being who is caught between the awareness of sleep and wakefulness with both pulling his mind to occupy its mental spacetime. In addition, it is greater in confusion by far than insanity and sanity of the mind joined together, which leaves a person in a deep state of confusion. This is a mental vibration of the relative state of a human who wants to live but desires to die. Above all, this is the most confused passion of an uninformed human who seeks to control but cannot. Yet, the Head of Infinity, abstractly speaking, is greatest in confusion. It is a state of infinite consciousness of powerlessness to take any more forced confusion, but it continues to increase in confusion because of man’s infinite being of existence. This is known as the bearable of the unbearable by consequence. While the Chaos Head of Infinity is being pushed into a deeper reality of chose, it opens reality to the Infinite Heart. Yet, when dealing with the Heart of Infinite—we must glance at an example of its tangibleness in order to understand its abstractness. For the heart, vacancy is like the effect of dropping a human from a high building. His heart is exhausted by a deep pull of e’motion because of its relativity to the increase of speed toward the earth surface due to the force (pull) of gravity, with and even greater relativity as a 100-pound human thrown from the tallest building in the world, without a parachute or any other device to decrease his speed in consequence of “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 46