AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 456

F. Sanford).” The only way that so-called Black African American Slaves get their freedom is that the Dred Scott, Plaintiff in error, v. John F. Sanford decision is overturned and abolished from the Supreme Court records; until then every people are interpreting the law while you so- called Black African American Slaves remain in slavery of oppression and genocide (disenfranchised) in the United States of America. 1) Human Rights Violation of Religion: Defendants forced Plaintiff and Slave subjects out of Islam and forced Plaintiff and Slave subjects and Descendants into Christianity, Judaism, Polytheism, and/or Pantheism, etc. : a). Let it be known, “though it should already be known,” as an established fact that We as a people who say Allah (swt) is our Creator of the Heavens and earth, and you believe that the Qur-an was reveled to Allah messenger, then know that We are in the Active Holy-war-struggle World-wide with those disbelievers who do note hear, obey, nor understand Allah (swt) al’Qur-an. It matters not to the enemies (Jews, Christians, Polytheist Muslims, and all other Polytheists [Pantheist and Atheist devils]) against Allah and His al’Qur-an whether you identify yourself as Muminun Muslimun Mujahidun, Muhajrun, Ansar, Sunni, Shi-a, Khwarij, Murjia, Wahabbi, and so on, the enemies (disbelievers) of Allah and His al’Qur-an are now fighting you for your Decree Religion Islam of Allah (swt) and what is rightfully belong to the Believing Muslims Mujahidun and/or Mujahidun (See Exhibit – A). 3. Human Rights Violation: Information Age Slavery In Practice and Captives Oppress So-called African Americans and So-called Native American Indians and Descendants: a). The European (so-called White-people) Christian devils have now held the descendants of the Fatimid Dynasty and the Umayad Dynasty (so-called Black African Americans) of Islam as captive slaves in America of the now U