AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 44

within one another on a countless base with the same approach of logic in the structure of the atoms. Therefore, I would like to end these facts on the tangibleness of the shadows of reality, its constant revolution and evolution of development, and continue on with the Abstract-tangible, because it may stress your mind. In dealing with the Abstract-tangible, it is the last stage of blessed, celestial visions, and other experiences of the interpersonal; it is the acceptable boundary line of the limit of space and time or spacetime that finalizes and computes all influences, whether they be Tangible and/or Abstract for preparation of the last moment of all creation, with the exception of the Nur—that which is creation’s final destination. But, you must keep in mind that from the point of the nucleus of the electron to the boundary line of the abstract-tangible is considered abstract to the men of uncelestial blessing. This is most definitely true of the Nur abstractness without saying. However, many scholars and/or scientists may want to argue the issue when I speak on the nature of the interpersonal and intrapersonal base line. But, I would like for them to bear this knowledge in mind: the real or real G2FRV6vV&RƖvN( GFRW#B2BVW6fSW bfG26VFW6ǒFR7GVWFW"7BFW'W'6BW"7BG&W'6&Ɨ76VB2RFRwVFRBƖvBFBƖW2vFFw2WBFRV&V"FR6Fr`&VƗG2v2FRVW6fR"VW6FB&Vv2vFFR'7G&7BFv&RWfVFPg&Rb&VfW&V6^( Ff&FvFW&VBW2֖B66RFV"W&6WFvFFR'6WFRVfW'6RFRg&Rb&VfW&V6R2FR7F'BbFR'7G&7BFv&RfVFFf"FRFW'W'6B"G&W'6ƖWv6Rb66'2"FW"WF666VF7G06VVF&WGFW"VFW'7FBFR&V6vvFWfW"&Vf""VFVf#bFVW7@66WBF2rb( T4WFVVWF6&Vf&666V6W0f&V%2bvFFR'6WFRVfW'6RFW&Vf&RFR&62VFW'7FFrbFR'6WFRVfW'6RvRW7BrG2&60fVFFV&W"BW2bFR'7G&7BFv&Rv6&R&WfVVBg&F&VvFRǒW.( f"FRV&W"2WFVVv&FV2bfGf'7BFW&R&RFR6WfVv&FVf&VG2( 2FR66VF^( F&VƗF6G&vBfG( @v6&RFR6WfV&62fVFF2bFR'6WFRVfW'6S6V6BFW&R&RFR6WfVv&FV6WVƗFW2( 2FR&F7&Bv6FҒ6FV֖2vVFvR&VƖvfƖBv2ƗF6FV66WGB&V7FfR6G&( W"VFW'7FFrԖfGBFP'6WFRVfW'6UғB6FR&fR6&7FW&7F72FvWFW"&GV6RFR6WfVv&FVƖvG2"666W6W72֖G2bV6vF( 2G&W'6666W2FW'W'6Ц666W2666W27V&666W27WW"666W2vWF2666W2BfFRЦ666W2FSFW&R&RFRƖvBW"BFRfFR666W2BFW&R66FW&VB0&VrFRf'7BVFVBfG&V6W6RfGv266V2G6VbWB2R֖fGFW0VfrFRfVFFb7&VFF&R( T4WFVVWF6&Vf&666V6W2f&V%2bFR'7G&7BFv&R2FRƖ֗BbV6VB76WFRv62FR&VF'ƖRbFR6Fw2b&VƗG2BVWG2&VƗGfGf"WW7FbFRRBǒ7&VFVBG'WFbW&fV7FVFV6R6VW2VFf ( T4T4WFVVWF72&Vf&666V6W2Фf&V%2brWBW2FRv6RB&WfW6ǒVFVBfW'6R&V6W6RF2fW'6R67V0bFF7&VFvFFRW6WFbFRVrfFv6&F7Vb( 0fFW7FFvWfW"F2W6֖rfW'6RvfW2FRV&W"bf&6W2G&2"v&FV2FFW7B( 2fRfV"B&VFV6Rf"&WGW&G'VRfƖB&VƖVbBfF&R&GV6V@( 26vFfRGW&R'WBrFRVwVFVBbvVVB&V7F涖B@( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22C