AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 430

I am expressing in this Letter Of Order is being input into every Masjid in the United States of America, and in each Masjid it is the duty of the Imam to administer copies of this AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Ageny (A-IPNA) profile. This process can insure the fact that we did reach the active Believers for Islam community awareness. To continue, the Believers (Worshipers) will be placed under an obligation knowing, if not known before, to practice commercialism as the prophet Muhammad 'Ibn Abdullah (pbuh) practice as a way of commercial life, both personal (private) and professional (entrepreneur). The Believers, the orphans, and the oppressed are to live by the criteria of the Holy Qur'an, in order that he may please Allah with his actions, deeds, and directive sayings of approvals (Sunnah). The message for the Believing Muslim world is best put out on Friday Services (Jummah), so that we can better spearhead our business and/or commercial reform. And, if places of business refuse to purchase our items, goods and/or products from our companies just as we purchase theirs as individuals, groups, and companies in order that they may hold back our economical development as independent people, as well as companies, then we will not patronize these holder back or oppressors. We will place ourselves under a responsibility, in which we are obligated to inform the oppressed to do likewise. For Imam(s) of the world it is our duty to get into national and international trade and commerce in order that we are able to provide for our communities with jobs, food, shelter, and clothing, just to name a few, thus causing our communities to become independent and politically active in the One Ummah (Community) of Islam as Muhammad 'Ibn Abdullah (pbuh) practice trade and commerce. Commercialism will show the known world at that time, and still today, that man has a basic need for materialism for protection of his body, food, shelter, clothes, and other needs that produce jobs in the national and international markets. And last of the five ranked levels, there is The Collegiate Fraternity and Sorority, Inc. member ranked levels, for these students mostly start out as young rationals, spirituals, academics, religious, politicals, models of society, Objective-control (by the Law of al’Qur-an) are trained to train and teach those who are interested in righteousness in college. And, they also teach and train those who may not have had the supposed opportunity to go to an institution of higher learning, yet they seek to be reformed and refined through the Systems of AJAAUCOAO. Consequently, there are four structured memberships in The Mighty Organization of AJAAUCOAO. First, there is the Potential Member – he, she, and/or they may support the Righteous Mighty Movement through their spirit of enthusiasm, which may have been attracted due to the works of the Associates, Active, and Vanguard members in the community, but for some personal reason of fear and/or peer pressure the Potential Member may restrain from being seen with the Movement. The potential member also may make donations of discretions; nonetheless, he, she, and/or they are to be respected to a degree but not relied upon. Next, there is the Associate member – he, she, and/or they will be of various beliefs and/or cultures, but they have a willingness to The Mighty Organization of AJAAUCOAO, because of its reformed and/or refined members of Actives and Vanguards who are forerunners in the cause of valid truth, justice, peace, freedom, love, joy, unity, and success of that which produces valid happiness. So, the Associates become members of The Mighty Organization of AJAAUCOAO while maintaining their status of belief and/or culture as they show open support in the Objectives of AJAAUCOAO. Then, there is the Active Member of AL'JAAUCOA-O – he, she, and/or they are the ones who willingly accept the Oneness of Allah, the Angels of Allah, the Books of Allah, the Prophets of Allah, the Moment of Resurrection of Allah, the Moment of Judgment of Allah, and the Jihad of Allah, in which the members learn the ten weeks training along with other necessary information through the vessel of AJAAUCOAO within its “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 430