AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 429

AJAAUCOAO Ancient Yet New World Order System. And I ask you the question: What is politics? Now I give you the answer! After all that has been said and will be said, written, practiced, and analyzed about politics, let it be borne in mind that the best of politic is when your objectives will and/or have been reached with the least resistance of your opposer (s) through attitudes, influences, and persuasions. So, due to the fact the Holy Qur'an is the only criterion in the whole Universe can heal the illness (sickness) of the immoral behaviors, with it being the situation, Allah has informed me to invite the Believers who follow valid truth and to warn the Rejecters of valid truth of a moment in creation when He shall destroy the entire Universe. Only the Seven Servants and Allah being the eighth, yet, The Absolute, that they will be the Bearers of Witness after the fact (advent) of the clefting asunder of the Second Creation (Al-Khalq - The Universe). Continuously, while inviting all and warning those who reject Islam, the Ultimatum Valid Informed Muslims (Uvim) Mujahidun are placed under an obligation to treat all accordingly as He (Allah) prescribes in according to genekind (beastman - mankind - human - man) actions, deeds, and directive sayings of approvals (Sunnah) by the standards or prescribed actions, deeds, and directive sayings and approvals of the Law (Criterion) of Allah's revealed revelation; The Holy Qur'an. Therefore, this is the very reason for AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (A- IPNA) as the only in the United States of America with the aspiration to establish Islam as The Government of the world by the criteria of The Holy Qur'an. AJAAUCOAO constantly and actively fights against all evil within Allah Nineteen Kinetical Behaviorism Sciences – Formula (A-19KBS-F); being al’Kabbalah (the House of Allah) as a way of life. However, presently, the so-called believing Muslim world in the United States of America is in conflict about voting and/or not voting. For one, no Believing Muslim must ever approve (vote) for any falsehood nor support a system that oppresses, and due to the fact that America as well as many other countries are such systems, we (Believers) must never vote for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Federalists, nor any other political representatives, nor their parties whose objectives are not based upon the criteria of the Holy Qur'an, the Book that brings about Universal valid truth, justice, peace, freedom, love, joy, unity, and success, that which produces valid happiness for all who strive through the Vessel of AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (IPNA) through His creation, and through me, to you (the worlds), as an Islamic Political System that enables Believing Muslims Mujahidun and others to seek the aspiration of a moral way of life to be established in America and the rest of the world through political reform and refinement of the community. Believing Muslims Mujahidun and others can vote, because AJAAUCOAO Islam Political Nation Agency (IPNA) - Social Architectural Struture is the party that gradually brings about change to establish righteousness as a way of life in the world. Regardless of the form of government and behaviorism that approaches it. Now, I say as a Believer to another Believer, Allah has placed us among all people and/or nations of the world as Believing Muslims to establish Islam as the Law of the worlds as Muminun Muslimun Mujahidun (Believing Muslims Holy-war-strugglers), and if any situation comes to our conscious that our way of life or oath(s) are in vain within one-self, religion, and/or others, we must choose the path that is more righteous in the sight of Allah by the criteria of the Qur'an. Next, there is The Commercial member ranked level, it is the profitable, financ