AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 428

Extreme Holyland Security Agency, LLC. (IEHSA) security objectives. AJAAUCOAO Islam Extreme Holyland Security Agency, LLC. (IEHSA) shall deal with the first level of security, which is the Institutional (Masjid) Security level we as Believing Muslims must reflect into the sacred book of Allah (The Holy Qur'an) on how we have been given ordain orders to fight against oppression in ranks and to guard the frontiers. With this being the situation, the Institutional Security level has basic standards for all Masjid(s) world- wide, in which Believing Muslims are trained and certified with basic necessary security skills that are approved by state and federal regulations. Thus, being able to carry firearms in the state where you are located to secure your Masjid(s) and Communities of an Islam environment is the objective in local security. While knowing the need for security in our Masjid(s), I will give you the five escalated order check list for AJAAUCOAO Institutional Security of basic mandatory standards for all Masjid(s). First, there is verbal-prevention, in which the officer of security learns to use his or her presence and voice in a skillful manner to help discourage intruders. Second, there is physical-prevention, in which the officer of security learns the basic skills of martial arts to defend himself and others from an aggressive intruder(s). Third, there is the chemical-prevention, which is when the officer is trained to use special hand chemical products that are approved to prevent aggressive intruder(s) from harming you and others when verbal and physical preventions fail. Next, there is the baton (officer stick)-prevention, for when the verbal, physical, and chemical prevention fail, a trained officer with the use of the baton must use his or her skills for protection from intruders and/or aggressive one(s). And last of the Institutional Security level is the firearm-prevention, for after all has failed or an intruder has firearm(s), the officer or officers must resort to the use of his or her firearm(s), for which he or she must go through the proper training with the preferred use of a 9mm hand gun and a five to six shot pump shotgun. vWfW"WBB&R&&R֖BFBVFVB7FFW2bW&66FV2fRFR&vBFfR&2bFWvF&VvFR&W"6V2B7FVFW67F6ǒW&vR6B2FWw&FRFV"66B'T47FGWF6V7W&Gb&62FF'7FF&G2bG2ffRW66FVB&WfVF62F&BFW&R2FRVfW'66ƗFbVGbF&W76V&W"&V@WfVf"B2FRWfVbtT4vW&R6FfR7G&frVR6RFvWFW"vWFW"RB"6R&RFfGVB"FW&Rw&W26VVrFW7F&Ɨ6FV"6VGVFW"FRrbFR7W&VR&VrF&Vv27B&WBVBt&&GVfW CV'2v'VVB2FRRv( W"vv2&WfVVBFBBFR7F'@bw2&VƖv26WBB&R&&R֖BvVB6W2FFR&VƖvb涖@FW6VBWfW"6&Rԗ6&V6W6RFr7&VF6W2&Vf&R6vWfW"FP&66&RԆǒW"vGVRFFRf7BFBB2ƗGFRfW"CV'2BB琧&WfVF2B&VV&WfVVB&Vf&RG2FRWFVW72( W"v2ǒ&W67&&VB@VfW'6&FW6vVBF'&rbvVVB&V7F涖BVVFW"FPvbF&Vv2&VƖv6'FR7&FW&b( W"vFR&bFR&VƖWfpW6Ɩ2VGVW&W76W2FV"&VƖv6&Vv&FW72FVvR&R6V7&W@66WFW26&7FGGV6'VFF66gV66VF6F66F6vF67&gG2&6BvFRv27&GVƗ6FW&Ɨ6G&W'6B FW'W'6662b66V6W2V6V6F2vfW&VG2WF27F0&WfVVBFRǒW"vr6W7B&RW7F&Ɨ6VB2FRrbFRv&B7&VFVBFR&VƖWfrW6Ɩ2F6''WB626W'fG2b2BFRF6&VƖWfpW6Ɩ2'WBFR&VƖWfrW6Ɩ2( 2F6''WB626Vb2&W67&&VBFPǒW"v62FR&VƖvbBǒg&&F7&GV6FV֖2&VƖvW2BFV66WGvbƖfR'WB662g&ƗF6vbƖfR0( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22C#