AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 418

sworn to must be true), and appropriate action will be taken by the court if it is satisfied that affidavits are presented in bad faith, or solely for the purpose of delay. 90. Plaintiff - Imam Mahdi was Wrongfully Terminated (Discharged) from Defendant L’Oreal USA, Inc. because Plaintiff Refused To Move Unstable Pallets violate National LIFTOR rules and polices (See Binder – I, Exhibit – 5, Pages 1 to 4 and Binder – II, Exhibit – B, Pages 14 to 16 and 26 to 27). Plaintiff Imam Mahdi experienced Hostile Work Environment (Discriminating Practice in Hiring), Religion, Religion Harassment, Disability Harassment (ADA), and Retaliation – violation of Civil Rights and violation of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights [Thirty (30) Articles of 1948-1998]– Law of the United Nations (UN) {See Binder – I, Exhibit – A, United Nations} in continues violation by Defendant L’Oreal USA, Inc. 91. Affidavit of Imam Mahdi in all information contained in this Non-movant (non-moving) Opposing (Objecting) Summary Judgment of Defendant L’Oreal USA, Inc. (See Binder – I, Exhibit – 6). 92. Plaintiff: L’Oreal USA Inc. having full answered, With the exception of Plaintiff hired and/or employment dates accepted by Defendant all statements made by L’Oreal of and concerning Plaintiff were made with malice and in bad faith and with unreasonable and dishonest belief in their untruth. L’Oreal acted unreasonably under the facts and circumstances known to it. L’Oreal USA, Inc. has no defense for dismissal neither of Plaintiff employment nor to suggest dismissal to Plaintiff Lawsuit. Defendant L’Oreal USA, Inc. must pay all court costs as this Court may deem appropriate due to Defendant Malice and Contempt. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 418