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experienced Hostile Work Environment (Discriminating Practice in Hiring), Religion, Religion Harassment, Disability Harassment (ADA), and Retaliation – violation of Civil Rights and violation of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights [Thirty (30) Articles of 1948-1998]– Law of the United Nations (UN) {See Binder – I, Exhibit – A, United Nations} in continues violation by Defendant L’Oreal USA, Inc. 20. Plaintiff – Imam Mahdi in August 1999 in time of being hired at L’Oreal USA, Inc. was asked by Kelvin McNamara in an interview about the books Plaintiff reads and my religion, therefore at the start of my employment it became a Hostile Work Environment in the practice of Imam Mahdi Religion Islam. 21. Plaintiff – Imam Mahdi was told by my immediate supervisor Nick Canella and Human Resources Michael (Mike) Foster on the last day of February 2007 to move containers in order to pass my forklift test, after an incident that I, Imam Mahdi, was previously involved. Plaintiff told Mr. Canella and Foster that I was unable to move the containers they wanted me to move because National LIFTOR rules and L’Oreal USA, Inc. policy prohibited me from moving containers that were not wrapped appropriately. Plant Manager Jung Hwang and my Supervisor Louis (Lou) Trecarichi told Me (Imam Mahdi) not to do anything that violate National LIFTTOR rules and Company polices (See Binder – I, Exhibit – 6, Affidavit – I). The containers that Nick Canalla and Michael Foster wanted me to move violate National LIFTTOR rules and Company polices. I, Imam Mahdi, was told to go home until they had a chance to talk with Plant Manager Jung Hwang and my Supervisor Louis (Lou) Trecarichi; two days later Mr. Foster called Plaintiff and informed “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi Plaintiff that he was . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 396 terminated for