AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 39

Therefore, when I speak of the Physical Infinity, it is with the sole awareness of its tangible but abstract presence in the Smokeless Fire (the Burning Hell-Fire) of pain or the Bliss (Al-Nur, the Light) of joy due to its precondition of the lower firmaments of existence, for this is the reality of the First Seal of Physical Infinite is the Seal of Infinite that opens the life to the Second Seal of Mind Infinite. Section Two: Mind of Infinity To reflect upon the Physical Infinity, enables us to see how the soul is preconditioned by the two lower firmaments, which are the continental and sexuality. There are six in number, plus infinity, and the firmament of the stages of the mind, which are also six in number, plus Infinity. The reason for the “Plus Infinity” is that Infinity is of all created existence within the Absolute Universe as created relativity, which The Absolute Universe is internal and external of all created behavior وZ[]\[XH܈XXH^\Y[Y[[^\Y[YY[و[\X[\ˈ]\H[[\X[[]X[X[[]\HXH[]]B[[]K\YܙK[HXZوHZ[و[[]K]\]وH[[]H[ \Z[H\X\\XوH\\X[Y[]ۛH[H\YX[\و[\X[XX\˂\XX\\ۛۈۛHHY[و[\X[^\Y[\H[Z\\Y]HXۙX[وHZ[[[]H Hۜ[\ۙ\و[[]KH[XHو[ BܙX]Y]\[\[[X[X[]Y\KY[و\\Hوۜ[\ۙ\\HHYHY[ق[[[ܝ[]KX]\HX[\H]]ܚ]HX[[\X[\[[[ܝ[ \ܘ[[˜[ۙ[H[Z[ܙX]Y[܈Z[ˈ[H[YH^K]\H]X[[HHXH [[[JH\\HۈوX[[HۈوH[Z  O¸'[X[]\[Y\X][]H][YHۈHX][][HۈوX[X\[X]['H HXH ΌLK\HH\[YHZ[\^\[[HXH]ۛHHۈوX[ \\B\HۈوX\K\XHYHHX][][HوH\ \[ []\H]\H[]HY[\YHHY [8&\H[]\[Z8&\Y\YH™[Z[ X\X[X[[ [X[[X[KHY\[\]HH\X]HB\]Z][[Y[KXZ[K[\]Y \\[]Z[[XY XXHH\ۈ[JBۛHYH\YY[و[Z^H[[HZ\^\Y[\\[ܛYY[Y]\]\[B]ZZY[و[YX[[Y]\وY][ۘ[ܜ\ [YX[H^H[ܜ\\\[]\\ۙ\]\]Y\\XXH[HوYۛܘ[HX]\YH\O¸'[\\ZY[[KH[\HYHۙH\ ]HۙK]\8'H HXHZH NNJK'[HZY[[K][[^HZY[[Kۘ\[\\›و^\] X\H]ZYH[YY[ܙYܙH[[B[x'H HXHZH NJK'ۈوX[]HXHYZ[H[وXx&YHYY[HقYx&\X[x&X[ [\HYZ[[x'H HXH^ZY[ K'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\