AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 378

As a result of the Unity of Allah and His creation, there are twenty-eight Arabic letters in which all words and/or communication are Revealed from Allah (swt) of the Heavens and the earth. The Arabic letters are the symbols that represent the Created behaviors of Existence. However, I saved the Alif ( ‫ﺁ‬ ) or The One to both represent that Allah (swt) Is The Uncreated and He Is Of All Creation Simultaneously. Still, you must always define that there is only One- Created-Infinity: Relativity, al’Nur, Infinite Conscious, the Light, and the Smokeless Hell Fire of Infinity etcetera are blissed as One Infinity. Therefore, I have use In The Name Of Allah ‫بسم‬ ‫هللا‬, The Beneficent ‫الرحمن‬, The Merciful ‫الرحيم‬ – to show you how He (Allah) has Written His Superiority in Creation in the above chart. Al’Jihad and/or Armageddon Day Has Now Approached The Niggers Al’Jihad is the Judgment day alway at hand. You will find Seven Deadly Threats to the earth as we know it to be. I will identifying the most destructive to the lease destructive: One, there is the Burn-out of the Sun and the effect of the Black-hole; Two, there is Computer Robot Emulation of the human intelligence in a self-destructive manner; Three, there is Volcanic and/or Super-volcanic eruptions; Four, there is Asteroids (s) hitting the earth; Five, there is Terrorism in Nuclear and/or Biological War Fair; Six, there is Microscopic Natural World and/or human made in Micro-biological war fair; and Seven, there is Climate Shift. However, Armageddon and the Nigger, the death of Saddam Hussan released the identiy of Gog and Magog, Active Civil War in the USA, Holy-war-struggle in the world (s), and more are what Imam Mahdi shall outline in details in the next book, but for now here are a few verses from Allah al’Qur-an dealing with destruction of earth and glimpse of the nigger cursed by Allah (swt); just a little something for you to meditate upon: “And the day when the trumpet is blown, then those in the heavens and those in the earth will be struck with terror, except such as Allah please. And all shall come to Him abased.” “And thou seest the mountains- thou thinkest them firmly fixed- passing away as the passing away of the cloud: the handiwork of Allah, Who has made everything thoroughly. Surely He is Aware of what you do” (al’Qur-an 27:87-88). “Behold! You are those who are called to spend in Allah’s way, but among you are those who are niggardly; and whoever is niggardly, is niggardly against his own soul. And Allah is Self- Sufficient and you are needy. And if you turn back He will bring in your place another VRFVFWvB&RƖR^( ( W"Cs3ࢃR( &VB6RƖRFVb&W76VB2Rv7F2vRBVW226FW0vF6FBRBvVBB&R6VgVǒW6VB( b( FVFWvFW&VBFRw2FvWFW"FFR6RFBV'&Wr26VB&vVFF( r( FP6WfVFvVW&VBWB2&vFFR"BWBbFRFVR6RVBf6Pg&FRF&R6r( B2FR( ( ( FVFW&R6Rf6W2bƖvFr'V&Ɩw2V2bFVFW"B6WfW&RV'FVRV'FVRƖRB2WfW 67W'&VB66R2&VVV'F6G&VVFW2v2FRV^( &WfVFcRУB6vRFBT46vFƖvBFR6FVW26fW'FPVFVB7FFW2bW&6BrFRFfRW&6266VBF2BFR'26Ц6VB&6g&6W&6FW66VFG2b6fW2&RFvWBFV"&W&FvF( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW223s