AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 371

will not enter the Blissful Paradise. I, Imam Mahdi have been to Paradise plenty of times, and for this reason alone, it is an honor for me from Allah to bring you this message. Allah and His al’Qur-an are the very reason I will fight the polytheist in private and openly for your salvation. Whom ever you be, with hope that the message of Tawhid reach you in all races. Consequently, some of you are sworn to enter the Smokeless Hell Fire. You have made an oath to take as many to Hell with you. Therefore, Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun come against the anti-Allah and anti-al’Qur-an people. Too the polytheist – know that there is a Smokeless Hell Fire awaits you. I have been in many level of Hell and it is an actuality and/or a reality. For there is no compulsion (force) in religion, you can believe as you like. So, when you fake Muslim and other polytheist attack Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun – it is a comfort for Us (Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun) to know that we are allowed by Allah to send and/or drive you into hell in this world life on earth and into the Smokeless Hell Fire of the Hereafter by Allah permission. And also, it is a comfort for Us (Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun) to know without doubt that you the polytheist and/or rejecter of al’Qur-an are going to burn in this Smokeless Hell Fire as Iblis – the devil, for, it is the joy in the spirit of al’Jihad that Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun get when looking in the eyes of the disbeliever and non-believer on earth; with a smile of al’Jihad. We (Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun) simultaneously carry out Allah commands defined in His al’Qur-an. You can witness, I have been taught who the enemies of Allah and His al’Qur-an on earth. Both the disbelieving Muslim – those who say that Islam is their religion and Allah is their God, but in all actuality they and you will see they oppose the verses in Allah (swt) al’Qur-an. And the non-believing Muslim – those who reject Allah and His al’Qur-an completely. Imam Mahdi and the Mujahidun know that there are some people who have no hope in entering the Paradise. Those who have no hope in entering the Blissful Paradise fight you to turn you from Islam. Mujahidun, you strike on the disbelieving Muslim and the non-believing Muslim relentless who fight you. “And when Our clear messages are recited to them, those who have no hope of meeting with Us say: Bring a Qur-an other than this or change it. Say: It is not for me to change it of my own accord. I follow naught but what is revealed to me. Indeed I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the chastisement of a grievous day” (al’Qur- an 10:15). Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah (pbuh of 571 to 632 CE/AD) is the Seal of the Prophets. Muhammad taught only one Book, and that Book was and now is al’Qur-an, in which al’Qur-an was revealed to the Messenger from Allah through the angel Jebri’ial, and then Muhammad revealed al’Qur-an to society. Therefore, Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah was a Prophet and a Messenger. The Successors of Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah were the Four Rightly Guided Deputies or Caliphs (Khalifat) – is the Deputy of Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah: First, there was Khalifat- Abu Bakr; Second, there was Khalifat- ‘Umar ‘Ibn al’Khattab; Third, there was Khalifat- ‘Uthman ‘Ibn ‘Affan; and Fourth, there was Khalifat- ‘Ali ‘Ibn Abi Talib. The Four Rightly Guided Deputies (Khalifat) of the Prophet Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah only taught al’Qur-an and they were to only ones known as Mujtahid – those that are able to exercise the valid (that which is impossible to be wrong) truth, known as al’Qur-an. After, the death of the Prophet/Messenger Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah and the Four Rightly Guided Khalifat is where the publication era begin of the enemies practices of Ijtihad – is the interpretation of al’Qur-an, for an interpretation is what a disbeliever practice, b V6W6RB2FVfVB2FV6rvVFvPvFFV'BB"V6W'FGbBG'WFf"FW6R2&VƖWfrW6Ɩ2vF6rW&R2vW&RFW6RfRW6Ɩ2&VvF67&&RFR&WB2&Vr'FW"vFf ( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW223s