AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 37

governments of the world. Mujahidun (Holy-war-strugglers) are the ones who righteously manifest Allah’s Will in Islam Dinn (Religion). For this reason, we must take a glimpse at the physical existence from the views of the blessed prophets and messengers who celestialness within the Seven Firmanents experienced consciousness. Now, I will introduce you to the Seven Stages of Infinity. For, the Seven Stages of Infinity is the most sane at this time for me to contemplate on the Infinite Conscious, and as I endeavor with perseverance in patience through this book of Light that consumes the evil-doer—the devil. Section One: Physical Infinity To give you an understanding of this First Seal of Physical Infinite, it can only be in the form of intellectual awareness of the world of Infinity. No man scholarship, technology, micro- technology, research, findings, or schools of thought will be able to give you the Experience of the Smokeless Fire of Infinity nor the Spiritual Blissed al’Nur Infinity, for it is only given to you from The God – Allah (swt). Therefore, only blessed men of celestialness have the potential to be informed by Allah directly in the Seven Firmaments. Celestial human beings are blessed by Allah with knowledge of the firmamental or kinetical-physical Infinity, which is the highest and purest form of Reality. Those of us whom Allah has blessed in the celestial world(s) of Infinity can only express the wonders of His creation in the forms of signs, symbols, and vibrations common to the languages of men in the hope that mankind will be able to understand and submit to Allah to receive His blessed gift of Relativity, for at-leas this is Imam Mahdi approach to the minds of humanity. Before I am able to give you a more vivid understanding of the firmamental or First Seal of Kinetical Physical Infinity, I must put your mind in a state, that which will cause you to travel with me into the World of Infinity. There are a few steps I want you to follow. First, I want you to take a few glances at your entire body and imprint your body form deeply into your mind. Then, view all that is around you, whether near or far, and imprint that existence deeply into your mind. Now that you have your body and environment deeply imprinted into your mind, next, I want you to think of a clear day that is breeze-free. Finally, I would like you to think of the light rays and concentrate to the degree that you and all of the environment have burned or turned into one bright, colorless light, which has left you with the infinite senses of being sight and touch without eyes and form, yet you are able to see al’Nur ѡ1Ф%丁%䁥́)ѕѡЁ͕́ԁѼѼȁѡЁٕ́ȁɥՅͽհ%)ѡɵɔѡ䁕ѕѡЁ́ѡ%9ȁ́ѡɥЁͥѱ̵ͥЁ)ѽՍ̵ѽՍѡݽɱAͥ%䰁ݡ́ɥѡ1Ѐѡ9Ȥ)%ͱQɕɔЁ͕́܁́Ѽѡյ́ѥ́ѡɵх)%)]͕́Ѽ͡܁!͕́م́ѡ͕ٕѠɵЁ!ٕݥѡ)%є ɕѥѡЁѕѡЁ́ѼݽձѡЁ̸ͥ%)ЁѡAͥ%䰁$ͬԁѼɕхȁѡЁЁ́ɍ)ѕݡ́ݼٕȵɕͥ́ѡͽձ́ѡ9ȸQ䁅ɔѡٕȴ)ɕͥѡٕȵɕͥ䰁Ёѡͽհѡյ͡хє䁽ѡ)ݼݡ́ɕѥѡхɥѡ䁅Ѽѡͽհѕȁѡ)ѡ䁱ȁѡ䁅ѡɔѡݼѥ́ѡЁѕɵѡхє)ѥͽéͽհՔѼ́٥ȸ)!ݕٕȰ%єÁЁ́ѡѡ́ݽɱՕ́յ́͡)ɽՍɽѡЁ ɕѥQѡ1Ѐe9ȤݥѠѡMȁѡ+q3e)%!wL䰁%5( =ȁÁ%̀