AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 338

The Successors Of AL’JAAUCOA-O / AJAAUCOAO Are As Followed: AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam: The Holy-War-Strugglers (Mujahidun) are Universe-citizenship. AJAAUCOAO Islam Vangard Mujahidun Council Foundation (AIVMCF) is the check and balance on every level of AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam. AIVMCF structure is on every level that governs AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam (Agency / Government / Nation / Kingdom). Imam Mahdi (Personal-shields [One-and-the-same]) Note: I, Imam Mahdi, am Authority of AJAAUCOAO as my two family members below. The reader must keep in mind that although this book is strictly an effort toward a positive Man and Woman society, The Holy Qur’an sums up my total beliefs and criterion for conduct, in which I pass this Sunnah (action, deed, and directive saying and approval) to my son Imam ‘Ibn HabeebAllah Subhaan Abd’Ul’Baqi Hajj Mahdi (Birth Date: 04/11/2013) and my daughter Ameera Imani Amat-Ul-Baqi Bent Mahdi (Birth date: 06/18/2014), both of South Carolina – United States of America as Successors. Therefore, AL’JIHAD includes the defined aspirations of politics and its various agendas. And also, my above family may increase in sibling (s), and if so, the newly arrived blood child and/or children are also equal successor (s) of AL’JAAUCOA-O / AJAAUCOAO / Imam Mahdi - Entities. A message from Imam Mahdi (Henry Bernard Flowers) to his family, you must work as One Unit And Many Moving Parts with the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, belief, and faith in the worship in the Oneness Of Allah (Tawhid) by the Law (al’Shariah) of Allah (swt) al’Qur-an. My family must strive with your action, deed, and directive saying and approval to hear, obey, and understand Allah al’Qur- an. You will be successful in this world life and in the Hereafter-life if you hear, obey, and understand Allah Quran. Still, if any member of my blood family do not accept Allah Quran completely then they do not hold AJAAUCOAO U.N.O.I. Government Office; however you will be identified as inactive family member with a civilian life in that you only benefit financially ($). However, if a family member come against AL’JAAUCOA-O / AJAAUCOAO / Imam Mahdi - Entities (al’Qur-an) in any way, therefore, he, she and/or they do not even benefit financially. Imam Mahdi has zero tolerance against anyone who opposes AJAAUCOAO Entities. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 338