AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 288

‫الرحيم‬ ‫الرحمن‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫بسم‬ AL’JIHAD / “The Holy-war (al’Jihad) Is Now In The Americas And The Worlds” Synopsis Corruption has finally reached the ends of the earth, and evil has been made to appear fair-seeming to the people. They believe in the free will to do as they please in the world. However, the people fail to realize that the world is not theirs, who not knowing the world belongs to the one so long awaited for The Redeemer – HabeebAllah, also known as Imam Subhaan Mahdi "The Holy One ". The Redeemer has appeared on earth to subdue the entire world (Universe) under his Allah given system(s) in "AL'JIHAD". “AL’JIHAD” or “The Holy One And The Scatterers” or “Imam Mahdi And The Scatterers” or “The Holy One” is a two story line that takes place in Cleveland Ohio, New York, South Carolina United States of America, Casablanca Morocco Africa, and Mecca – Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia). It’s an actual movie based on a person’s life, being played by one main character whose way of life is uniquely possessed by the natural and supernatural worlds. HabeebAllah is a college student at Cleveland State University, while Imam Mahdi is an international businessman in Casablanca Morocco - Africa and around the World.Promotional Hook At the end of each millennium (1,000 years) the religious await their Savior and the scholars look towards the future with aspiration of the dawn of advanced knowledge. However, the start of this millennium the people recognized the Redeemer of the world as they recognized their own sons, but due to traditions of the people from their forefathers in false ideas and distractions the people have doubt in the Redeemer. The Redeemer is the people only means of survival in this world life and guide to salvatio FFRW&VgFW"66WVVFǒGVRFFRVR֗VB^( F2bFRg&VRvFF2FWV6RfW'7W2FRƖ֗G2bg&VRvBFF2RV6W2VFW"FRWF&GbFR&VFVVW#FW6rvFVBFV&6RV2FRV^( 2ƖfW7GRW7B6vRF&R6FfR@&7W&W2v6FRVRFBrFBFW&R7GVƗfrFWf2VVBbwVF6RFFP7G&vBF'FRF( ( N( "( FRǒv"( B2rFRW&62@FRv&G>( 2rF&VvFRfW76VbFB26VBbT4WFVVशWF6&Vf&66V6W2f&V%2b'FRrb7wB( W"( @2FRǒv"7G'VvvR( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( }}MN( 6ǒ&Rv'6VBFRǒv"7G'VvvRFWB&R&fFVB6FRvFEdCEdBfT42F&VR&WfWF'7F&6GfVG2"fVB&WfWFWr&( 2Wr&Bv6wFD2U4&V2FFV@FRǒv"7G'VvvR( Bv&BvFR#2fVB&WfWFv2FRf'7B66VB&6VV7FVB&W6FVBbFRU4fV&W"B#&&6W76V&bFRVFVB7FFW2bW&6&W6FVFVwW&FFv2V'GvVGGvFW6BP##आvWfW"66&VrFRf'7B66VB&6VV7FVB&W6FVB`W&6s&Vf&RvV&vRv6wFsFs2B( BFRǒv"7G'VvvR2W7B'WEdBff"gVFVF7W'ffò`R&RW&6U4क4$sӓscS#3T4FB&VgVBFV"6W'f6R( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22#