AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 28

the angel that has most influence on me in not yielding to passions of love, hate and aggression. For I now know that this world’s life has nothing to offer that would cause me not to struggle against evil in the cause of Allah. Therefore, I shall always struggle in the cause of Allah in various ways of existence. So, we should know by now that angels are not to be adorned nor worshipped, for they too worship only Allah. Angels are pure beings from the Nur (the Light) created by Allah (swt), while others are drawn to the Nur of various elements and existences of being. When forces and beings submit or struggle for a place of understanding their purpose of what is unknown to them and seek knowledge in an enlightened mind, these are the ones drawn to the Nur. They sense the presence of the infinite Bliss in them but they seem to have no sound reason for the contrast of good and evil forces that move in their minds. However, this light cannot be altered by any of Allah’s creation, but other elements, false ideas, and distractions can misguide one from the light. For their will come a moment when all of creation, with the exception of the Nur, shall be judged by the Nur’s ever existence. Meanwhile, all other existence stretches forth in performance in space and time, such as the forces of the universe, the jinns, and men who are drawn to the Nur by the Will of Allah Whose Power Is Most Great. At night when we look into the skies or heavens, it is with vague knowledge and uncertainty that most minds, all beings in esoteric mind status, when assuming of the Universe enormity. However, those who have been shown the function of the universe by the command of Allah are able to support their arguments academically. Understandably, the galactic firmament frustrates the minds of the uncertain, deludes the niggardly, and challenges the academic minds. Scientists in the field of astrology endeavor with perseverance in the cause, purpose, function, and mystical beauty concerning the forces of space and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. It is through the scientific schools of thought where the process of logical theory (argument, reason, conclusion, hypothesis, the supposed answer to questions supported by tested evidence) brings understanding. This is the basic law of the wise, all scientists, and one degree of 360 degree in AL’JAAUCOA-O. However, astrologers neglect the spirit of spaceless time and its ever-changing existence that pushes the extending universe into further developments of new worlds and life as it builds and destroys and continuously destroys as it builds, Be ( Kun = ‫كﻦ‬ ), Destroy (Yukharrib = ‫يﺨرﺐ‬ ), as it develops. Therefore, when I speak of the Nur relationship with the galactic existence, the focus is upon the union of the spiritual and material world forces of energy that cannot be destroyed by technology nor itself—only by the Permission of Allah. Energy is an eternal energetic state that transforms one form of force into another form of force in a continuous infinite will of existence within the stages of firmament (physical, mental, e’motional, actualization, control, will, and Infinite/Realization) as it produces new universal behaviors. Consequently, due to the nature of the universe in the aspect of space, it is unintelligent, unemotional, unproductive, and powerless to control the elements that occupy it. The galaxies expand as an unperceptive or uncognitive way of development in the order of spacetime, in which al’Nur (the Infinity) is Blissed in the spiritual and material worlds of being. Nonetheless, the forces of the spiritual and material worlds respond equally with the forces of other beings and elements, yet they all manifest different behaviors during and after contact. Although the material worlds are uncognitive, they systematically develop and destroy continuously as the universe extends, for the galactic beings of elements know not that the Nur is their primary created force of being. Consequently, jinns are caught within the galactic universe and within mankind. Note: I must say, my experience with the celestial has been on the seven heavens (firmaments) and within numerous and various forms, so when I speak of something it is “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 28