AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 239

objective. In the Sciences, AJAAUCOAO is the absolute creation with the Nineteen moving parts of One objective that is impossible to be wrong or separated. AJAAUCOAO Nineteen Kinetics Behavioral Sciences Formula (A-19KBS-F) are the balance and open quadrant of my life. Consequently, rarely a decoder communicator know this of my communication, so mostly he, she and/or they make an assumption of my culture and stigmatize me by their stereotypes. Initiating relationship skills have always been a way of life for all of us, therefore, I shall now explore the inevitable of offering, approaching, networking, and sustaining in the initiating relationship skills. Note: This research is not Imam Mahdi religious practice, but a study to highlight people behavior. I did an actual research in these relation skills at Cleveland State University (Allah forgive me for any wrong). Offering: I was in a Borders Book store in the city of Strongsville, Ohio, and there I say a young couple: A White male and a beautiful young adult Jewish girl with bright blue eyes. As I stood and looked in the Islamic section, she would look my way, while her male friend was not looking. Finally, her friend was occupied with other books, and she had a chance to approach me. She looked in my eyes with a constant stare. With only two feet between us, we were separated by book-case. Intrapersonally, I felt that she wanted me to make a move on her, but I was too shy, and I did not have my business cards on me to slip her one. I consider our body language of communication a possible miss love at first sight. I felt religiously connected to her. I believe, it was a curiosity of a Believing Muslim man and Jewish women in full effect. Of course her friend saw me and her abstractly connecting, in which her friend quickly took her from that area. Approaching and Sustaining: A few minutes after I left the Cleveland State University library from my religion class, a young attractive White girl was coming out the main classroom building. We were walking in the same direction. I decided to make direct contact with her, so I said hi to her, and she mutually greeted me. I asked her name, she said Elizabeth. I told her my name. She asked me where I was going, I said to the book store. She said, I too am going to the book store. We talk all the way expressing who we were and why we ar e attending Cleveland State University. She gave me a rain-check on tea. And also, it was a sustaining conversation with smiling faces and eye contact. Networking: For the last five year, I have being filming my feature motion picture. It is an Islam motion picture for which I am seeking financial support from Believing Muslims. I have approach many Islamic communities in the United States of America for financial assistance, in order to promote my film through their communities and that I may finish my production. In this process of interpersonal communication, I have been questioned by Believing Muslims, FBI, Secret Service, Producers, Directors and people in general concerning my feature film, and they asked the questions: Where did you get money to do a movie? What Muslim group are you with? Why are you filming that movie? The criticism list goes on, along with broken promises from those who made them. Still, none of them wanted to assist for the betterment of society, with the “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 239