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Muslim Holy-warrior who hears, obeys, and understands Allah al’Qur-an, I do not accept as truth the writing of a disbeliever in Allah and His al’Qur-an, instead I present facts to my audience to show what is being taught in colleges and universities in order to poison the minds of students against Believing Muslims, in which students are the future leaders of the world. So, for reference on Loeffler provides examples in his book Islam In Practice, there is evidence in opposition toward Allah and Allah al’Qur-an in academics. “So obey not the disbelievers, and strive against them a mighty striving with” (Holy Qur-an 25:52). In Iran, there were observations initiated in 1971 of the Mullahs‘ crime against Allah and Muslims; behaviors that were in opposition to religious obligations. The Iranian government has produced Mullahs from the Qom, an Islamic center in Iran, to keep common Muslims in socially subservient to the Mullah and the government. A young teacher (though he is never named, for the purpose of this paper, he will be referred to as Ahmed) reported that the rituals and beliefs practiced by the Mullahs were against Allah al’Qur-an and the Muslims in Iran. The Mullah uncommitted formalism had disturbed the commoners or peasants in the months of Ramadan and Muharram. The Mullahs expected to be paid in full for every service that they practiced as religious leader for the people, while knowing that Ramadan was a religious obligation. If the Mullah did not get paid, he would not perform any religious obligation in Ramadan – he would leave the city. Ahmed beliefs were rationalism and the orthodoxy way of life. He believes that teachers are only transmitting knowledge, and that parents taught their children good behavior, concern for others, truthfulness, honesty, respect for elders, and willingness to carry out orders. So in many advents, the common people performed the rituals without the Mullahs. The first observant in 1971, Mullah had condoned oppression by failing to attend properly to rituals and presenting a good moral example to safeguard the village morality. He had made improper advances to married women. He was never seen at the mosque for prayer. And he was only at the burials and officiate marriages for notable people. Ahmed said that there were certain things that must considered to be a good religious person: “Not to lie, not to steal, not to slander, to give help when you see someone in misery” (Loeffler 75). The Mullah was under the governments control to manipulate people; in the way he practiced religion. “The Mullahs were lectured by government officials on themes like the role of religion and the clergy in modern Iran and the correct reading of the scriptures in regard to modernization. They were also admonished to stop criticizing the regime in their sermons by way of allegorically symbolism and refined allusions” (Loeffler 18). Ahmed believes the Mullah did not represent teaching the Qur-an, and thought the Mullah represented of the government. Ahmed said, “Take our Mullah. He wears this Arab cloak, talks much about religion, preaches to the people, and so on…He is like a fruit vendor: the more he advertises his goods and the more excited he gets about them, the more customers he will have to profit from. If the Mullah were hired today by a government office, he would dress up with a neat shirt and a crease in his trousers and talk no longer about the religion at all” (Loeffler 77). The Mullah believed that if you did not accept his orthodox standards in rituals, you were not clean. “Once, in the mosque, he gave orders to wash more carefully than usual the glass I had used, only to be severely criticized by a villager who told him that a Christian was not more polluting than a Muslim” (Loeffler 19). Ahmed believes that a person is judged by Allah, on the person owned behaviors in life. He said, “Our religion tell us that God will set things right for anyone who is doing good but that He will send evil upon a person who is doing wrong” (Loeffler 72). The Mullah and Ahmed rituals and beliefs behaviors are in contrast, though they both read “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 235