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extraterrestrial), conscious (actualization), and intrapersonal-conscious (sub-conscious, super- conscious, magnetic-conscious), and supernatural (esoteric) worlds. I am a very emotional and sensitive person in all my endeavors, but I say to people who push me the wrong way -- do not take my kindness and financial poorness for weakness. Things are always a constant change or actualization in a mortal life, therefore it is a necessity to have a discipline of control. These behaviors in my life are always my objective to hear, obey, and understand Allah al’Qur-an as a Believing Muslim Holy-warrior. The mind is what navigates’ the body. Ill-academic in term is a statement of oppression and act of depression imposed upon people. It is defined as learned information that is not correct. Since the age of twenty, I have been in and out of six different colleges and universities: Morris College, Norfolk State University, Chesterfield Marlboro Technical College, St. Kitts of Information System Technology, American Islamic College, and Cleveland State University. I was in search of a school from where I would be honored to graduate; however, each school that I attended mix truth with falsehood. I am really disturbed on every level when I am taught incorrect information by Ph- D’s and professors in colleges and universities. They ignore evidence of concrete proof in their conflicting accounts of a subject in the textbook, yet in various texts, they continue to teach inaccurate information. In my Islamic class at CSU, I listen as the professor teach from a book that informed only parts of the Qur-an (the Holy Book of the Believing Muslims) is from God (Allah). In Media Criticism, Spring of 2004, I made no abnormal facial expressions when my professor promoted White superiority over Black characteristics in actual life and in the media. Another college miss-education I received was in my Influence, Persuasion, and Attitude class. In this class the professor informed the students on his project with a stereotype that all Black males have prostate cancer. In my mind, I rebuttal by saying, “I do not have prostate cancer,” and “O’, only Black males have prostate cancer.” These prejudicial teachings in the context of miss-education against Black people by Ph-D’s and Professors is what I have to tolerate by paying my hard earned money to get a piece of paper, BA degree, that says I am properly educated in a university. This type abuse is a continuous racial profiling in order that White students and other non-Black- African-American students conditioned these lies, to hope that Black students may be conditioned with low self-esteem. I believe racist teachings are barrier behaviors that keep hatred alive. I hope that this group of educators is a minority. Ill-religion is the action, deed, directive-saying, and approval against al’Qur-an, in the Islamic doctrine, terms of the Nineteen Kinetical Behavioral Sciences or Wardens. The hierarchy of these beliefs are: the physical, the mental, emotion, the actual, control, will, ration, spirit, academia, religion, politic, model-society, interpersonal-consciousness, intrapersonal- consciousness, consciousness, sub-consciousness, super-consciousness, and magnetic- consciousness. Superior over all the hierarchy is the Infinite-conscious or Reality. As a Believing Muslim, striving to do what is moral by hearing, obeying, and understanding Allah al’Qur-an, I find it extremely trifling, demoralizing, and oppositional toward Allah when those in government as Muslims allow other countries to manipulate Islamic Governments for self- interest. In this opposition against Allah and His Qur-an in the world, people who fight Believing Muslims know and may not know in most cases they are fighting the Agents (Servants) of The Creator, Allah, of the Heavens and earth. There are individuals, educational systems, governmental-operational-programs, and businesses, whether as small and/or large groups in conspiracy against Allah and His al’Qur-an. Reinhold Loeffler was in Iran, a so-called Islamic country, observing ill-religion. He writes about the relationship between the Mullahs and common Muslims of Iran. As a Believing “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 234