AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 232

Imam Mahdi: Identity My professor at Cleveland State University (CSU) asked the class to write a paper explaining our identity? On May the eight 1965 (05-08-65) is the day my mother gave birth to me in Cheraw, South Carolina, United States of America; my father (James Flowers) and my mother (Claudia Mae McDonald-Flowers) named me Henry Bernard Flowers. Twenty years later, I accepted al’Qur-an as my way of life, and then Allah changed my name to an Arabic reflection of al‘Qur-an. My name is now Imam HabeebAllah Subhaan Abd’Ul’Baqi Hajj Mahdi (Yahdi). Allah revealed AL’JAAUCOA-O and/or AJAAUCOAO Name and Shield (s) to me in dreams and visions. As I write a few situations about my identity and who I am, I am forced to say to inquiring minds; are you sure you are able to handle my respondent Valid-truth? I am a senior at Cleveland State University (CSU) as I write this brief autobiography, in which I will accomplish my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) on May 14 th , 2005 from CSU College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences. The profe ssor of my communication course has asked each student to write a report explaining what our identity is and who we are. Personally speaking, I have no difficulty expressing who I am. However, I do say to inquiring minds of the world, sometimes you ask questions about information you can not handle the response or answer. Still, I proceed with the answer; who is Imam Mahdi? Imam Mahdi is who I am. I am a Believing Muslim Holy-warrior living in a secular society, the so-called United States of America. I am a monotheist (the belief and faith of the worship in The One Only Allah). I am the first Imam Mahdi of AJAAUCOAO. The religious scholars have being seeking the phenomenon of the Imam Mahdi for years. Academically speaking, Scholars shall soon come to know as to how Allah uses me to establish the unity of all things. Disbelievers have commercialized religion for a profit, and they made mockery of the Believing Muslim Mujahidun of Allah and His (Allah) Religious Law al’Qur-an. Thus, to cause a tremendous writing to be brief, I am the world’s best Friend and/or worst nightmare. It all depends upon the people’s acceptance and/or rejection of The Creator-Allah Decreed al’Qur-an. Allah has given me an order that Islam shall triumph over all religions. I am conditioned by Allah to reveal to the entire world AL’JAAUCOA-O Nineteen Sciences of the Islam Law in al’Qur-an. AL’JAAUCOA-O Nineteen Sciences are structured elements of all creation as a unified behavior that could never be separate, until they roll up like scrolls on the Day of Destruction. Thus, AL’JAAUCOA-O / AJAAUCOAO Nineteen Kinetics Behavioral Sciences Formula (A-19KBS-F) are established in three categories as follows: the Sexualities (Continent), the Firmaments, and the Lights of Conscious. Interpersonally and intrapersonally speaking, I came (my birth) and I begin the observation of this thing we call life. I ask Allah that it be His Authority that I hear, obey, and understand His al’Qur-an through my rational in action, deed, directive saying, and approval. My perception dictates the spirit of my inner and outer being as a person. So, the inquiring of information to understand the world that I live in directs me in and out of academic institutions. Through it all, my religion is Islam; it is the Law of al’Qur-an that keep me grounded and focused. Still, with me being a descendent of the Prophets, then Moorish Empire, the American slavery (1441 - ), and now the Information Age bondage-slavery of the United Nations, I take issue, record, account in politics and/or in religion against those who oppose and violate Allah al’Qur-an. I am a Believing Muslim, who is a descendant of the Moorish Empire that once owned what we now call the United States of America. It was a time before any European had stepped upon the now American soil. A time when the Moroccan flag waved in the land we now call America. Now, it is the Information Age Slavery, and I am living in a country that is fascist, authoritarian, “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 232