AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 220

State, and we numbered among its people, or “citizens.” Consequently, the special rights immunities guaranteed to citizens do not apply to them. The Treaty on the Land Purchase was ratified into law as a treaty by the U.S. Senate in 1762. For North America Belong to the King of Morocco. The Moorish people set up the United States of America. The Europeans were brought here as care takers, until we (Moorish people) arrive from the living dead. So-called Blacks descendent of slaves must reclaim your nationality. As of 1987 A.D. Moors reclaimed themselves as subjects of Morocco and not subjects of Europeans controlling America. These now national Moors children will be born free citizens. Meanwhile, we are seeking from the now European government of the United States of America the Louisiana Purchase and money owed to us. It is against the law to ask for Reparation. Again, due to all respect Minister Bey, America does not give any body anything without a fight, is this TNOMA prepared? “We at TNOMA do not fight, instead we shall get our rights through body politics. We are nonviolent. Further, the Mission of the Nation Of Moorish-Americans is a Social Services Agency to reclaim our Nationality: We are to function as a 501 c.3. organization providing charitable, religious, and educational services that promote social welfare purposes. We are to provide social services without regard to race, religion, national origin or physical ability. We are to meet for divine worship and other religious observances. We are to teach the Islamic ideology based on the Qur’an and the Tawhid." (Note: Once Allah destroys a nation, it shall not return (Moorish). I say to you, the Holy-war is decree in Allah al’Qur-an. “And it is forbidden to a town which We destroy: They shall not return. Even when Gog and Magog are let loose and they sally forth from every elevated place. And the True Promise draws nigh, then lo! The eyes of those who disbelieve will be fixedly open: O woe to us! Surely we were heedless of this; nay, we were unjust” (H.Q. 21:95-97). The Nation Of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan and followers believe that Fard Muhammad came in the person of Allah. Note: Noble Drew Ali received much ideals from Marcuse Garvey, and Fard Muhammad received much ideals from Noble Drew Ali, and Elijah Muhammad was taught by Fard Mahammad, and Malclm X (Shabazz) was taught by Elijah Muhammad, and W. Deen Muhammad is the son of Elijah Muhammad. However, the reason why Imam Mahdi take issue with these Rhetoric (the art or science of using words effectively in speaking or writing) leaders are that they still fall into polytheism (associating a partner with Allah). Polytheism teaching is against Allah revelation al’Qur-an. If any say he is Allah, or say a man is Allah, he [ ܈^H[[\H\[\Hو[ 8'[]\و[H[^KH[HH\Y\[KXBۙHHX\[H][ \H]\H[\8'H [8&T]\X[ NJK8'\\وB\HXHܙ\]X[YYK[\X]H[H\][Z\HHۈ[[ [YY \]^x'H  K MΌJKH[Y\X[]\[HZ\[ۈ[\HXY\\وˈY[]Z[[XY[\^N[Z[]Z[[XY ܈^NHX\]\[Z[HX\]\]]Z[[XY\HY\[\و[Z ܈\^Z[\[[Z[8&T]\X[[B[YH[[KY]Z[[XYH܈[HH\]ZH\[H[YH[[H][Z ]\\X][H\\][Z ܙ]HYH[Z܈\œ[[ ݚ[][YYY^[\HH[JKY[H\X]HH\\][Z B[ ܈^H[[\H\[[[\[\KHX]^\YX[܈[\YܙK[H]\ۛHXX[ X[ H] HHHZH [\[ۈ HY\N'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\