AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 206

proposal. AL’JAAUCOA-O ABD’UL’BAQI Medium Productions, Inc. and CEO-Imam Mahdi are the only ones to seek. AL’JIHAD and/or The Holy One and/or The Holy Ones And The Scatterers, will cause ABC, NBC, Fox and all other Networks to seek your leadership and vision. Or, should we go to ABC, NBC, UPN or Fox. AL'JIHAD or The Holy One And The Scatterers is a non-fiction vision of four online production costs. One, AL’JIHAD online production is $15,000 – for a 30 seconds commercial for television. Two, AL’JIHAD has a 60 minutes Documentary/Drama at the cost of $500,000; it is near completing, however, it has only a few locations before finished. Three, AL’JIHAD seek to produce one online trailer at the cost of $130,000 – for presentation. Four, AL’JIHAD seek to produce one online production feature film at the cost of $7,000,000 – for major cinemas. And last, AL’JIHAD seek to produce 100 plus Islam episodes online production for AL’JIHAD Film Spin-off as a weekly television show at the cost of $1,000,000 – per episode. AL’JIHAD (The Holy-War-Struggle) revolution will be televised. Corruption has finally reached the ends of the earth, and evil has been made to appear fair- seeming to the people. "The Holy One And The Scatterers (AL'JI Q H\HܞH[B[[ۈX\KXYX[Z\H[[܈]][[]H[]\]H[][[[˂YX[[K[X[HXZH\][ۘ[[[\][ۘ[YZ\]]\YY]Z\XY[\ˈ[[XX[]KXYX[Z[[X[HXZH\HH[YH\ۋHHX\HBYY[Y\]\\]HۈX\ZHݙ\Hܛ \[[ۈX\HS8&RRQ[ ܂[X[HXZH[H]\\\HۛH[Hܛ]\HX[]H]X[[H[[\^[Y\و] \XKXXKYYKݙKK[]KX\\[\\][ ]K[X\[][[[\H\[ܚY[[[[ۈX\KY[X\H0H0[X[BXZBRPUPS][ۈ8$H\H\]Hۈ]\H][\HۛH][ۈ[[][]H]\[\܈HY[\]\BS8&RPUPKSP8&US8&PTRHYY][HX[ۜ[ˈ ٚ]XHܙ[^][ۊB[RPUPSX\ښYZY[ZZؘ\ ۋ\ٚ]ܙ[^][ۊH\HS ҐPUPKB SPUPS RPUPS\[H^[YH[[X\]HY[K˂QRJH[X[Xܜ]\[ۈ[XHܛ ]YH][Y[[]\[ۋ[RPUPS\[H]X[][ۈY[H TJK[X^H[\H[RPUPS[]Y[[]XZ][ܘ[Y[\ Hܛ][H KLNRДQHHH]Š[8&T\XZ Hو[Z  H[8&T]\X[[HX]H][ۈ܈[و[Z[ X\X[X[[ [X[[X[KS8&RPUPKSX\ښYZY[ZHZؘ\[S8&RPUPKSP8&US8&PTRHYY][HX[ۜ[ˈ\HH\[H][[YYXH[\[ۈ\Yۈܜܘ][ۜو\]8$]\[H8$[]Y]\و[Y\XH TJK[[S ҐPUPKS\S ҐPUPKS SPUPS RPUPS\[B^[YH[[X\]HY[Kˈ QRJH[RPUPS\[H]X[][ۂY[H TJH\[\\][ܛKYX]K[Z[[Y\X[[Hܛ]\H[H\و][^][ۜ ][ۘ[ \]X[ XY[ZX[Y[ۋ]X[ [[Y]K[ؚX]H۝ KYHHX]HK]\\[H[Y\X\[HܛˈN[ ҚZY HKU\TY\H[H[Y\XH\[B[Y\XH[\\JH\HۙH[H[YHYH\[وS ҐPUPKS[ ܂[X[HXZH[[\[Y[Y[Z[ܘYوS8&RPUPKS SPUPS RPUPS [Z[]Y[[]XZ][ܘ[Y[\8$ܛ][H KLNRДQHBH] [8&T\XZ Hو[Z  H[8&T]\X['S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\