AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 204

rising from earth (A Real Live Photo Given By Allah To His Messenger Through The Vessel Of AJAAUCOAO In This Book Of AL’JIHAD). “AL’JIHAD” or “The Holy One And The Scatterers” or “Imam Mahdi And The Scatterers” or “The Holy One” is a two story line Episodes Documentary-Drama Show that takes place in Cleveland Ohio, New York, South Carolina United States of America, Casablanca Morocco Africa, and Mecca – Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia). It’s an actual movie based on a person’s life, being played by one main character whose way of life is uniquely possessed by the natural and supernatural worlds. HabeebAllah is a college student at Cleveland State University, while Imam Mahdi is an international businessman in Casablanca Morocco - Africa and around the World. This movie is about the nature of good and evil. Man behavior in the inner most rational, spiritual, academic, religious, political, model society, and valid truth in its truest forms. The conflict and struggle experienced by these two story-line characters are in the cause of their Creator (Allah). They fight and struggle face to face with the devils false ideals and distractions in the natural and supernatural worlds of the Holy War. Satan (devil) is an ancient evil respite till an appointed time. Satan appears in many forms. He constantly moves to try to destroy the natural innocence of HabeebAllah and Imam Mahdi. HabeebAllah and Imam Mahdi were summoned by Allah to kill Satan (beastman, mankind, and human) behaviors. However, Satan seeks to influence them to an immoral way of life. Satan tries to distort HabeebAllah and Imam Mahdi purpose in life. Satan objective is to influence them to do his (Satan – devil) bidding, because of their talents. These talents that HabeebAllah and Imam Mahdi could use for good and/or evil in their actions, deeds, directive sayings and approvals. HabeebAllah and Imam Mahdi experiences in the world and Universe confirm the arrival of the Redeemer. AL'JIHAD is a two hour feature film that is to be spun off into Primetime television. The slot will possibly be Sundays on Warner Brothers Network from 10pm to 11pm. The location is in Los Angeles in a multiplex studio, with production exceptions being outside for necessary locations. HabeebAllah is a senior at Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio. He is president of AJAAUCOAO Islam collegiate fraternity-sorority. His fraternity brothers and sorority sisters are students initiated through pledging their belief in standards. Consequently, a Muslim of the Islam organization is murdered by a local businessperson and political activist. Collegiate, state, and federal conspiracies develop against HabeebAllah. The federal officials would like to see the fall of HabeebAllah and his organization. The Feds believe that HabeebAllah national and international business objectives have intentions and active efforts to destroy all anti-Islam governments’ national and international security. Meanwhile, Imam Mahdi has national and international affairs that must meet their deadlines. So, he expands AJAAUCOAO Mosques, industries, the political system, and Imam Mahdi – Military to other territories in the United State of America for Islam’s gradual triumph over all religions and systems in the world. Also, He commands a few of his mil ]\HY[š[]X]HH\\HوYHܙZYۈ[Y][]\[\HHZYHX\]HY[[\\ۙY[HY\[YY][K[X^[][H\ۈ[HKˈ]\[X[HXZHۜBYYXHۙY\]H]\[\X\]HZ[S8&RRQ \\\‘[\KQ[XHKQшԔ [XX[]HK[BTU \\\X[]KQ[XHK[[XX[]H[\[KHHۙH[H]\\ S ҒRQ HXYX[Z[[X[HXZH\HH[YH\ۋX\H[وH[ݚYHH[HHYY[Y\]\\]YۈX\ZHݙ\Hܛ HX]\H[HYX\ۈYHYHوB'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\