AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 199

“…David Ben-Gurion, a nineteen-year-old former student, succumbed to malaria and nearly perished. A doctor urged him to return quickly to Europe. “My well-meaning friends all pointed out that this was hardly a disgrace,” Ben-Gurion wrote afterward. “Half the immigrants who came to Palestine in those early days took one look and caught the same ship home again.” Indeed, more. Possibly 80 percent of the Second Aliyah returned to Europe or continued on to America within weeks or months of their arrival (p.73)… “Ben-Gurion had never lacked confidence in the possibility of reaching direct agreement with the Arabs. It will be recalled (Chapter VIII) that on several occasions in 1934 and 1935 he and Shertok had met with Musa al-Alami, either at the latter’s village home in the Judean mountains or at Shertok’s apartment in Jerusalem. The discussions were always frank-particularly on Ben-Gurion requested Alami to communicate a Zionist offer to the Arab leadership. Assurance was given, too, that the Jews would not object to membership by the incipient Arab state in a federation of surrounding Arab countries. Alami reported the offer to the Mufti personally. A week afterward he retuned carrying an answer. Notwithstanding Haj Amin’s public strictures against partition, the Mufti was favorably impressed by the Jewish proposal. Although he refused to alter his official stance of hostility to partition, he suggested through Alami that Ben-Gurion go to Geneva and present his offer there before a committee of Syrian and Palestinian Arabs. It was impossible to know how honest this response was. Even so, Ben-Gurion decided to accept it at face value. He departed in the late summer of 1937 for Switzerland. And there his meeting with the Arab leaders Sheikh Majid al-Arslan and Ihsan Jabri was altogether a failure. The two Moslem spokesmen made no effort to disquise their animus, their suspicion that “you want us to agree to…the Jews becoming a majority in Palestine…” The rejection was so total, in fact, that Alami dared not meet with Ben-Burion afterward in Palestine. On isolated occasions the Agency leaders conferred with other influential Arabs- Auni Abd al’Hadi ^H[YX^H[ S\\Xx%]]]YX[[ٝ[\[   H YH\ܞHو\ܘY[8$HH\Hو[ۚ\H\[YK[YKۛB[\KX\][ܚ NM͋H]\XX][ۈY]Hو[Y\XH [Y[XKTГ LM M M MJK'YHوH\H][\ܙHZ\X\[^KB]HX\[H\ؙ^N[ ^JKX\]]Z[XYHX\[^JKx&Z[K\ܝ[]Z\ۙY\[[\[[Y[ۋ[Y^HYZY HX\[Hؙ^K[X\[[[\K][]HY[]\܈[H[[ܙH\Y][Z\\Y[HۂX[وZ\\ؙ[YY^H[Y]H]H]x'H [8&T]\X[  KN NLK][ܚ]K\H[XX[ۈ۝[Z[[B][ۘ[\X][ۈ܈HY[[Y[وܙY[H PP H\™[Y[][ܚۈH L []\\Hو[\ BYۙ\وHܚY[[\\و[ܜܘ][ۈ[YNK[\8$[HY[\ ]H[X[JB[\]^H ]HX[JB˂ˑKP\ XXYX[X[YHX[X[JB [Y\X[ݙ[\[X[\ Y[[ܚY[T]XZ\H[X[HX[[K[[Y\X[\[\[Y[ ]HX[JB'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ NN