AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 198

Imam Mahdi Through The Vessel Of AJAAUCOAO Is Returning The Holyland Back To The Muninun Muslimun Mujahidun (Believing Muslims Holy-war-struggler) By The Law Of Allah (swt) al’Qur-an: The Reiterated Facts: The European Union (all so-called White-people, Jews, Christians, Zionists, Polytheists) is trying to steal Israel and the world’s natural resources. Muninun Muslimun Mujahidun (Believing Muslims Holy-war-struggler) here is where you must grip in on understanding the authority of Imam Mahdi in this Holy-war (Jihad) world-wide: One, the European Jews as well as all Jews, Christians, Polytheist Muslims with their volumes of engineered hadieth (the Jews and Christians saying of the Prophet-Messenger Muhammad ‘Ibn Abdullah from [pbuh] 571 to 632 CE. Of the Arabian Peninsula) that which is not of al’Qur-an; two, the Jews, Christians, Polytheist Muslims, and all Polytheists are to be removed from Israel and the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula (so-called Saudi Arabia and boardering countries), Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey with North of the Caucasus Mountains being the Secued boarder, Iraq, Iran and the Gulf of States, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the Continent of Nubia (so-called Africa [Africa is a so- called White-people name: Latin origin derived Africa is defind in English as sunny; and Greek origin derived Aphrike is defind in English as not cold]) All Being Secured Under AJAAUCOAO United Nation Of Islam (UNOI), in which All Is The Restored Holyland of Allah (swt) Holy-lands the world (Universe) that shall be Governed by AJAAUCOAO United Nation Of Islam by the Law of Allah al’Qur-an. “…[Yet] it has simply been forgotten by the Zionists and is hardly referred to at all in its true form in Zionist literature.” Epstein did not exaggerate. Occasional references to the Arabs appeared in the writings of such proto-Zionists as Kalischer, Lilienblum, and Levanda, but almost in passing, as if the Arab inhabitants were hardly a factor of political significance. “Outside Palestine,” noted Achad HaAm in 1891, “we are accustomed to believing that the Arabs are all wild beasts of the desert, a people akin to jackasses who do not understand what is going on around them.” ”The early political Zionists were certain in any case that Jewish enterprise and financial investments in Palestine would be greeted with enthusiasm by the Arabs. We recall, too, that this optimism was fully shared by Herzl in Altneuland. Elsewhere, Herzl had not a single word to say about the Arab population, not even in his extensive diary. On one occasion, Nordau evidently was given pause. “But there are Arabs in Palestine!” he said in consternation to Herzl. “I did not know that! We are committing an injustice!” The moment of doubt passed quickly. Nor was it revived by events in Palestine it self (p. 163).” “It was an eloquent plea, and it reached the mark in the postrevoluntionary ferment of Eastern Europe. Indeed, it was virtually memorized by Poalei Zion orators and endorsed even by such non-Socialist writers as Yosef Chaim Brenner (p. 74) and A. D. Gordon (p. 75). Ben-Zvi, traveling from one Poalei Zion meeting to another, suddenly asked himself the question posed by thousands of other young Russian Zionists: “Why am I here and not there? Why are we all here and not here?” The vision of becoming chalutzim-pioneers- suddenly exerted a new and compelling attraction. Not all those who made the commitment for emigration were idealists. Some intended to evade terrorist military conscription; others envisaged Palestine simply as an alternative refuge from Russian oppression. But for a majority of the 30,000 Jews who departed for Palestine in the Second Aliyah years between 1905 and 1914, Labor Zionism, ignited by Vitkin’s pioneering challenge, was the catalyst (p.72).” “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 198