AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 180

guide genekind (beastmen, mankind, human and man) to His Infinite Light (al’Nur) and to forgive genekind of their sins. Allah will forgive those only whom He pleases and Allah justly leave in error (sin, evil, bad, devil, polytheist, wrongdoing, and not the worship of The Oneness Of Allah) whom He pleases. Therefore, Allah has established al’Salat (the Prayer) five times a day at times appointed for all men, women and children. They are to be grateful to Him (Allah). Muslims/Mujahidun are to seek to hear, obey, and understand Allah al’Qur-an. Muslims/Mujahidun are to seek to do Allah Will in this world life and Muslims/Mujahidun are to seek the Hereafter of the Blissful Paradise: And the prayer times are in Arabic and English in following fajr (Dawn, with Shuruq – sunrise being the latest time by which Fajr should be performed [Two-Rakats]), Dhuhr (Midday [Four-Rakats]), Asr (Afternoon [Four-Rakats]), Maghreb (Sunset [Three-Rakats]), Isha (Night [Four-Rakats]) are combined as 17 Rakats. Islam is the submission to Allah willingly and/or unwillingly. These salat (prayers) are Nineteen Rakat (Prostrations) a day of the Believing Muslim on earth (world and/or Universe), in which two of these Rakats are man Universe (is One- Rakat of the One Universe constant Decree Submission [Willingly] in Allah [swt] Religion Islam) and the Anatomy (is One-Rakat of a person who willingly accepts the oath/covenant of Tawhid in Allah [swt] Religion Islam by the Law [Shariah] of Allah [swt] al'Qur-an) are 2 Rakats that willingly submits to Allah. A Believing (Muminun) Muslim Mujahidun is defined as one who willingly submit his or her entire being to the will of Allah without \\[H܈][ۈ܈\[[ۈ ܘJH[Z[8&T]\X[[\\B]ZZY[[]Y[ M̏LNHZ]H[Z H[]Y[[]X[Z][ܘ[Y[\ Bܛ][HKLNRДQH[HX]\X[[\]X[ܛ[Y]\[[H[B[ݙ[Y[[ܘHو[ ҚZY UTPS\H]X[YH[Zܚ][]]X[H\^[][ۈ܈[[܈\]H[ۛ[Z H[ܙX]Y H[H\Hܜ\Y[]HX^Hܛ[\[\ܙX]Y^\[H []\H8$ܛ[X\ KH]\ܜ\HۙH[ۛHYH[Z [Z]X[Y[8&T]\X[H]]Z[[XY8&XX[Z R HYH[[Xx&Z[HH\[و LQ ̈Q H]\X[\\]Y[\H]\\B[[YXܙYKH]\X[\H]][HX܈ܛY\]\HZYB[Y[Y\H[\YY\HH[ZX\\ˈY] \\[[^BX[HܙZYۙ\]HYHYܙYHوH\XX[XYH[Y]H^H\H]]ܚ]Y\›و[8&T]\X[X[Hو[H[]HH]Y H]\X[H[[]KXZ[HX[^\^H\Z]K\YܙH][H\܈[HX\HY\[\ B[X[HXZK][Y^HX\[YHHX\]Y[HYܙHZ\[\YHZ\YH^H[ZX[X[HXZK[Z\]X[Y[[8&T]\X[][H]]HB]\\YYوYH[[\\Y\K]\]]HܛH[Z[\[\X\YX Y[XYK][B]HY[HH\[]Z[[XYH\] SY\[\ X[وB]H]YH[YHY\YNۙK]Y8$[H\H\X\[YY[Z][Hܜ\[Hۙ[\و[Z H]\X[ WH LLKM NH[[8$[B\Hۛ][ZܙX]Y[[\H]]Y\XܙYYH[H  K NJNYKH8$[H\HX\[ؙ^H[[\[[Z]X[Y][][ۂ[8&T]\X[H]\X[\H]\H[X[Y[YHY\[\[›و[Z[ X\X[X[[ [X[[X[H][[[X][YHوHܘZ'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ N