AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 172

We are all Muslims. Whether you call yourself Sunni, Jew, Christian, Wahabbi or any other polytheist as religious members of the world, you are Muslim. Even if you refer to yourself as so-called Black, White, Indian, Asian, or in any other racial group you are still Muslim regardless of your genetic heritage. Allah mercy upon all people is that He granted you guiding light and forgiveness in the seven fundamental principles in His religion Islam. One, you are to hear, obey and understand with belief and faith in the worship in The Oneness of Allah. With you knowing that Allah created the Universe, the milky-way, the galaxies, the solar systems, the planets, the earth and all that within it, and all that is less and greater than an atom. You are Muslim. Second, you are to believe that Allah created the Angels to perform various duties in the Universe, such as they worship Allah by guarding the consequences and revealing Revelations to His Prophets -Messengers and Messengers. You are Muslim. Third, you are to believe and accept as fact that the Angel Jebrei’il (Gabriel) obeyed Allah by revealing the Torah to Moses, the Zab \܈[\[ݙ\]Y[[ۋH[[܈[8&\H܈\\[H]\&X[]Z[[XY8&XX[Z [H\H]\[K^ [H\HX\ؙ^H[[\[[Z[B]HXY[]]ܚ]NY[KYY\Z  [Z XZ[H XZ[JK\Xx&Z[ \XY[ K\\H \XXKXx&\[؈ X؈\ܘY[JK]\Y \ K^^[؋x&XZX]\H [\K\ۈ X\ۊK  K[۝\H ۘZ K[8&VX\&XK[YK]܈]Y ]Y K[Z[X[ X[K[X\ [X\KZ\XH X\X\KXZXBH8$[Y\\ K8&\H \\8$Y\XZ H[]Z[[XY8&XX[Z X[وH]KX^HHXXKY\H[\[و[ZH\ۈ[H[H^B\H[[[Z  H[ ]\X[\H\HHXX[[X[Y[\ [X[H\BXZH[H\[[ۈ]Y[[Hو\H]ˈ[Y[HZH[Hو\BY[\[^[\H܈[\^Hو][[H\HۈHY\K^H[\B[Y][]\[\]ZZY[[H\H]\[K^ [H\H[Y]H[X\BX[ZܙX]YHۜ\]Y[\وH\\X[ۈ[\ܛYHو[H[BܙX]YHۜ\]Y[HوH\\XYوH[وXX\Y[H[Hܘ]\قHܛ [H\H]\[K[[H\H[Y]H[X\HX][ZܙX]YHۜ\]Y[Hو[BZ[YYH\[\ܛYH[H[وH\ۈZ[YYHB[YH[HYH[\H[]\H\[\[]H]H]YYYB[X[]H\H][YZ[[Z [H\H]\[K[\ [H\HYH\[X[ۋYY \X]H^Z[[\ݘ[YZ[H][]^\[[\[[B][]^\[Hܛ]\K[H\H]\[K\Hܜ\[Hۙ[\ق[Z ]Y KY] ]]HܛH[Z[]\H\H\\و]\[\[H][[[Y[[[\\و\[K[Z]\][ۋZ[H[Y][]\[H[[HX\ؙ^K[[\[H][[[Y[[[\\و\[H[Hܜ\و[Z]Y H[YY[Z]وHܜ\[Hۙ[\و[Z KH[Y][“]\[H]\ܘ]]YH[ZHX\[]\]\H\YH]B[Z K[[Y][]\[H^\]\[Y[Y\]X\H]H[Y\H^K^ \\[و[Z^HH\]K\\H[\\[HXܙY[۝ق[[XY[[\ H[\^HYXH[H\XX[[[[H]X\HۘH[\YNH\^HY\[\[H\Z][HYXK\\H]X[XXHقH]H[\و\[H܈H[Y][]\[KH\\H\ؙ[Y][ Y\[B'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ M