AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 166

between you and me. And this Qur’an has been revealed to me that with it I may warn you and whomsoever it reaches. Do you really bear witness that there are other gods with Allah? Say: I bear not witness. Say: He is only One God, and Surely I am innocent of that which you set up (with Him)” (al’Qur-an 6:14-19). Cursed Are The Polytheist Muslim (s) And Fake Iman (s) Allah bring near Him whom He please. All Praise Is Due To Allah (al’Hamdulilah). My name is Imam Mahdi -- a messenger. Allah has command His messenger to expose the Americans and other world devils, who are in opposition to al’Qur-an. Allah has only one Religion, and His Religion is Islam. Christianity is not the religion of The Creator (Allah) of the Heavens and earth. Judaism is not the religion of The Creator (Allah) of the Heavens and earth. Jesus (’Isa) was a Believing Muslim, and his religion was and still is Islam. Moses (Musa) was a Believing Muslim, and his religion was and still is Islam. All things are confirmed, sealed, and decreed in al’Qur-an. The Holy-War-Struggle (al’Jihad) Is Now In The Americas And The Worlds. Most mosques in America are controlled by polytheist fake imams (imans) that comply with oppressive America government -- this is in of violate Allah al-Qur-an. There are, in many situations, Christians, Jews, Hindis, Buddhist, Satanist, et-cetera who have gone to Colleges (Universities) to obtain a degree’s, master’s, ph.d.’s, dr’s, and et-cetera to learned Arabic to become polytheist muslim leaders and fake imams in order to build mosques to mislead people concerning Allah and His al’Qur-an. The actual al’Jihad is within Islam. The devil Muslims and/or imams will say that they are with America -- against the Extremist and Fundamentalist Muslims (Mujahidun), instead the Believing Muslim Mujahidun say to the Americas and the rest of the world that you hear, obey, and understand Allah (swt) al’Qur-an through the Vessel of Imam Mahdi and AJAAUCOAO Allah, His messengers, His angles, and all of creation cursed these polytheist Muslims and fake imams (imans), those who follow them, and their mosques of corruption. The polytheist (muslims/imans) will burn in the Smokeless Hell Fire. All Believing Muslims are Extremist. Anything less than an Extremist Muslim -- is a doubtful Muslim who is not certain of Allah, Islam, and al’Qur-an. Believing Muslims do not pray with these doubtful Muslims, nor do you enter their mosques, unless it is an Islamic military strategy. These polytheist Muslims put the messenger as a partner with Allah (swt). Bushism (external) and the polytheist Muslim are terrorist against Allah Tawhid, against Allah al’Qur-an, against Allah al’Jummu’ah and against Allah al’Sabt (Sabbath). Therefore, this holy-war Bush called is greater than he can ever imagine. Al’Jihad is world-wide on every level of Allah (swt) / AJAAUCOAO – Nineteen Kinetics Behavioral Sciences – Formula (A- 19KBS-F): Physical (1), Mental (2), E’motion (3), Actualization-[Realization] (4), Control (5), Will (6), Rational (7), Spiritual (8), Academic (9), Religion (10), Political (11), Model- society (12), Interpersonal-conscious (13), Intrapersonal-conscious (14), Conscious (15), Sub-conscious (16), Super-conscious (17), Magnetic-conscious (18), and al’Qur-an (19). As mortal beings, it is impossible to separate the Nineteen Sciences. The Nineteen Sciences and the Believing Muslim willingly submits to Allah in righteousness. Whereas, any who try and separate any one or more of the Nineteen Sciences, such as the Crusade do with politic and religion in America, are evil rejecters and terrorist who unwillingly submits to Allah. This is valid true al’Jihad versus terrorism. Al’Jihad has been since Adam and Eve. “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 166