AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 162

George W. Bush is a dishonest and evil persuader that convinces the people to change their minds in a way that is personally and socially destructive or malevolent. Allah leaves Bush in error to express a few statements to confirm in Imam Mahdi complete being without doubt that we are in al’Jihad in every aspect. A few of Bush’s statements were astounding to me in his address to the nation after “911’. Here is a brief reiteration of a few of his true intentions: …This is a holy war… This is good versus evil…This is a monumental struggle…This is a crusade…This war is against the fundamentalist Muslims…This is against the extremist Muslims…I call the European community to come together…I call for the help of Hollywood…I call for the help of corporate America…You are with America or you are with the terrorist,” not so much in this order. These are just a few statements just why the polytheist George W. Bush calls for the holy war in the world, in order that he have supporters to help him, both George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney steal gas and oil from the Middle East. The United States Congress gave George W. Bush 87 billion dollars to continue terrorism in the free world, while the so-called Black Americans (Moorish people H\HZ[[YY\\][ۈYH[][Y[H]\X[ ]B[JH[H[]Y]\و[Y\XKH[H\\[Y^H\[[Y\X[]H[B[^\[Y][]\[H\ ][X[Y]H[Y\X[\HZH[ܙH˂\[[YYZ] X[ۋYY \X]H^Z[[\ݘ[ Xܙ[\YXY\8'LLx'K\Y[\[Y܈H[۝[Y[[YKH[]Y]\][و[Y\XBٙX\\\ ]Y\\\ YK\\ ]X[\\[]]K\\ [Y[\\\\B\HH]][[H[]Y]\و[Y\XK[[ܙK[Y\XH[[]Y][ۜ[[Y\وZ[]\\Hو\[\[\ ][H\H[KP[Z[Y[B[YH\]ܚY\ HXX[\ܚ\ H[ܙ\۝[YHHXYوH[[[ܘ[^BوYH Y]]]JH\][][وX\ Z\\X[[\]X[\X\Yܛ [[Y][X]IܛH^HوYH\HX\YH[[H[\\\ܛ [HB[]X]Y]Y\[[[][Y[وHX[YX[H [ܚ\وB[ܚ\[\\JH[ ML[Y\XH[\Y][\]\ۈBYX܈Z\\XHYZ\[[ HH[HH\[[ K[Y\XHYYو][܈[\[\\X\X[ H[Hو[X[ X\X[]K[\ [K[[X[ [[KI^X[ [&\^X[ [[^X[HX\[WJKX[[ H[HوYKܙYY \ [\ݙ\\K[K[^[\H][[WK[[X[ H[Hو[X\[ۋH[\Z[Hو[][Bۙ\Y[WJKXHYHوH[]\\YH[Z[\\[ B[Y][]\[\[ۙ][وܙX][ۊK[\ܙH\ؙ[Y][]\[Hۂ]\H]HH\HYZ[[H[\H[\[\ˈ] ]\HܚY[وB\\ܛ][ ][O\H^H[HH[YY܈Z\ܜ\[ۏB܋\H[Y][]\[Hو]Y H[YY[Z][Hܜ\وBۙ[\و[Z KH[[Z܈]\[]H\[Z ]]ܚ]H XܙYJH]BXZ]^\[[\[H[[[H[\[Y[ۈ\[HHHܚ]\[ۈو[ ]\[[Y][]\[JK[]\][ H[[Z܈][YHHۛYBۜ[\ۙ\HXZH^H^Y\ [] HHܚY[[[ ]\[ܚ\و\XX]]\X][܈\ܚX[\\[H [Z H[H[HY[ \[܈[] K܈[H\X]\[H[H\X[XH [[HH[]\XYJK[܂[H\X]\[HXZH^H[] ]H؛Y]ܞH^Y\H^H]\[Y[Y\K'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ M