AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 153

And they will certainly swear: We desired naught but good. And Allah bears witness that they are certainly liars. (108) Never stand in it. Certainly a mosque founded on observance of duty from the first day is more deserving that thou shouldst stand in it. In it are men who love to purify themselves. And Allah loves those who purify themselves. (109) Is he, then, who lays his foundation on duty to Allah and (His) good pleasure better, or he who lays his foundation on the edge of a cracking hollowed bank, so it broke down with him into the Fire of hell? And Allah guides not the unjust people. (110) The building which ^B]HZ[[]\۝[YHHH\Hو\]ZY][Z\X\[\Z\X\BܛYX\ˈ[[Z\ۛ[\K LLJH\[H[Z\YHB[Y]\Z\\ۜ[Z\\H8$Z\ []\H\H\[^HY[[Z8&\^K^H^H[\HZ[]\HZ\HX\[[ۈ[H[BܘZ[H[[H]\X[[\[ܙHZ][\Z\H[[Z”ZXH\YܙH[[\\Z[X[H]HXYK[]\HZYBXY][Y[ LLH^H\ [Z K\H [JKZ\H [JK\ ۋ]H[\[\[[]\[ܘY]\][ [Y\H[Z]و[Z8$[]H]H[Y]\ˈ LLH]\܂H][H[Y]H\ܙ][\܈H]Z\][Y^B[HX\[]]\Y\]\XYHX\[H]^H\H\[[ۜوB[Z[\x'H [8&T]\X[NL LLLKHXY\وH]\X[[[ۈ UJH[ ܈]\X[[][]H PHوB][\X[[\]Z\[Z\\ܝ\Xܙ[[Z H[8&T]\X[\H\Y[[HZ^Y[Z[H HS ҐPUPKS•[]Y][ۈو\[H\]\X[ X[Y]H[JHۛH[][ۈ[X[ۈ[N JH8'X\Y \]\^H\H[^H[HZ^H[Z[ H]\B^Hو[Zۘ\[H]HۙHYܙN[H[[[H[B^Hو[Z HY[\YHX]H\^NHۛYHو]\ۛH][Z [][XZHYH\Z[]H\X^HHY H\[H[Z\\YH\ؙ[Y]\[\\Y܈[HH\[\K JHXYH\Z[܂Hۙ[YN^H[[X܈܈[\ HۈH^H[Z\XY\\B\YX[H\K^H^N[]HYؙ^YY[Z[ؙ^YYBY\[\H H[^H^N\ܙ HۛHؙ^YY\XY\[\ܙX]Y[^HY\\^HHH] H\ܙ ]H[HHXH\\[Y[[\B[H]HܙX]\x'H [8&T]\X[ ΍KM K'YH\Hو[\]\H][ [H\و[\]\YH[ˈH\B]\\\HHY[[[XH[H] X]\H\H\][[K[HXZ]HYKHXZ]و\ێ܈H\HX\[H]\و]8'H  KHX[Y[X[ЛX[Y\X[ ]]H]ZZY[[ܚ\ HXY]\B[HX[YXY\[Y\X[ ]ZZY[XX[ HXY]\HXZ”[H\H[Y^H]\X[Z[Y[ۈ Y[H\[H[X\8$ؙ^H[[\[[Z  H[8&T]\X[ JH8'[H\ؙ[Y]H^NH[Y]H[\]\X[܈[]X\¸'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ ML