AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 144

AJAAUCOAO United Nation Of Islam Is The Unity Of All Believing Muslims Mujahidun (Sunni, Shia'i [Shi'a], Sufi, Wahabbi, etc.) The once established Moorish Empire (from Egypt to Morocco and across the Atlantic Ocean, then from the East-coast of North America, and further across the continent of America to the Pacific West-coast of North America) was the Islam Government by the Law of Allah (swt) al'Qur-an: the now so-called United States of America is an Islam Government; with the U.S. Constitution; the Bill of Rights; and the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights [Thirty (30) Articles of 1948-1998]– Laws of the United Nations (UN) are all a One body system Islam Government with al’Qur-an being the Foundation and the Derived Law for these Entities. Yayah Hasan (a Believing Muslim Mujahidun / a Moor Black Muslim) in 1781 was the first president of America. He established the Islam Constitution, or al’Qur-an as the Law of America. “For about a year, publications of the HTMers known as the ‘Nuwaubian Moors Newsletter’ has published information concerning John Hanson [Yayah Hasan].., the first president of The Continental Congress. In one of the Newsletters Edition 1 Volume 16, headlined The First President Of The United States Was A Black Man, A Moor” (This information was taken from The World Almanac ® and Book of Facts 1996; licensed from Funk & Wagnalls Corporation. Copyright © 1995 by Funk & Wagnalls Corporation). However, note for sake of arguement that the Moors (Moorish) have a picture of Yayah Hasan as a very so-called Black-man, and those European (so-called White-people) who oppose the Moors also have a picture of Yayah Hasan (John Hanson) as a so-called White- man, nonetheless, one thing for certain, the Europeans have liars! George Washington was not the first president of America; the now United States of America. Website is following: However, before the U.S. America Flag, there was what we know today as the Morocco Flag that was over the the continent of North America. So, due to the fact that the Moorish Empire along with other Islam Empires allowed Us (Muminun [Believing] Muslims Muja GVF&RFVF6fW''FRWW&V2FR&6V&R2BvV@F&WGW&BƖRv6RFFW'2FRFBFRVFVB7FFW2bW&6fr26'&Ffrf"G&FRB"6W&6RFǒBFW&FǒBvfW&VBFfrvWfW"2FRW&6frFR6F2b6W&6PFRG&FRvW&R6fW2F&66FVvBFG2vV2B7FVƖrBFW'&&7B7FFFG&Fr&RF6RVFVBGW&rFR6W&N( GW2v2'76R'W&VV7&7VV7FVBvfW&VBff6F֖7G&FFR&7F6RbWfV@gVb7FR"vf"FW"Ɩ6W2VFVF6vW&F'W6W70667FrbFffW&VB6W2&W76fVǒWF2F2f&FvR6fW'v6FRVFVB7FFW2bW&6vFG2U46'&FRfr7F'2B7G&26FVW2&7F6RbFW'&&6v&BvFRrFRV֖V&VƖWfuW6Ɩ0VGVbFR&W6VBBFR&WfW'G2F6&RFV"&WBVFW'7FB7wBVFW"( T4VFVBFb6'FRrb( W"F&VvfW76VbT4WFVVWF72&Vf&66V6W2( 2f&V%2bT4fƖBV&W"2Rvg&VVǒBvƖvǒ66WG26V6␥FR7W&VRvW"bDRtB( 2'FR7&FW&b( W"B7G&fW2F&v旦R2ƖfRFF66&BvFFRFV6w2b2&VƖv6( T4ĤT4T42V&W"vv&2'VFp667FGWF2F&VvT46ƗF6FvV7FRv&B5Ю( ( N( ( 2'F * *(J"bC"vW22C@