AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 129

grounded in the glimpse of the knowledge of al’Khalq, The Body, or the evolving Universe with its Constellations. When you read the words such as We, Us, and Our in the Holy Quran as Allah’s terms referring to Himself in a plural sense, it is because He is in all things of creation. He creates and destroys by His Decree, for all existence is Allah’s, al’Nur, the Galaxies, the Milky Ways, the Solar Systems, the Planets, the vegetation, even all men, regardless of their race, creed, nationality, etc. Yet, Allah is the Unperceivable You, and it is the greatest of all sins for any of Allah’s creation to call itself Allah, because creation is only what it is able to be perceived or possible to perceive and manifest or possible manifest its power of control. However, a perfect man is the best of creatures, because man (moral) limitation is that of being beastman, mankind, and human (immoral). We (genekind) are either willing or unwilling servants of Allah, submitting in Islam as created beings tested by attitudes, influences, and persuasion of the valid truth and false ideas and distractions, with the perfect man being a tool of Allah’s creation as the Unconscious-Allah. Thus, Allah directing Himself through genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man), and to Paradise or Heaven (al’Nur) in His – Allah (AJAAUCOAO) Nineteen Kinetical Behaviorism Sciences – Formula (A-19KBS-F); being al’Kabbalah (the House of Allah) or the Nineteen Wardens of Allah. Then Allah continue directing back to Himself of The Uncreated Being of Himself as Allah while being everywhere simultanously. For this reason of Allah directing Himself back to Himself; Allah decree the Authority of Mercy on Himself. Continuously, with all that I have written in this book “Imam Mahdi Is Now Implementing Al’Jihad World Wide (The Holy-War-Struggle)” and/or “AL’JIHAD” AJAAUCOAO Volume One – Humanity Last Hope For Union And Peace”, is in the cause of Valid-truth for all beings of genekind (beastman, mankind, human, and man). Therefore, none of genekind can never call himself or herself Allah, because genekind can never be conscious of his Uncreated aspect of Himself; Allah. For, you are only what you are able to witness of yourself. The Shield of AJAAUCOAO represents all behaviorism – a sign and/or symbol that guides and protects; a mercy from your Lord of the worlds: Honor Allah’s Beauty! Exalted! Eminent Beauty! Allah Luminous Love Around Humanity Last Kingdom! Holy Allah Decree Humbly Justifies Absolute Heaven. By: Imam Mahdi. “And they say: Why does he not bring us a sign from his Lord? Has not there come to them a clear evidence of what is in the previous Books? And if We had destroyed them with chastisement before it, they would have said: Our Lord, why didst Thou not send to us a messenger, so that we might have followed Thy messages before we met disgrace and shame? Say: Every one (of us) is waiting, so wait. Soon you will come to know who is the follower of the even path and who goes aright” (al’Quran 20:133-135). “To every nation We appointed acts of devotion, which they observe, so let them not dispute with Thee in the matter, and call to thy Lord. Surely, thou art on a right guidance” (Holy Qur’an 22:67). “And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to him – and We are nearer to him than his life-vein” (al’Qur-an 50:16). “And when those who believe in Our messages come to thee, say: Peace be to you, your Lord has ordained mercy on Himself, (so) that if any one of you does evil in ignorance, then turns after that and acts aright, then He is Forgiving, Merciful” (al’Qur-an 6:54). “Allah – there is no god but He, the Ever-living, the Self-subsisting by Whom all subsist. Slumber over-takes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission? He “AL’JIHAD”– by, Imam Mahdi . © ® ™ : Of 842 Pages Is 129