AL'JIHAD : MESSENGERS (Angels & Devil) IN THE SKY (Captured Picture) AL'JIHAD Seventh Edition - Coker College copy - Page 119

hath perfect knowledge” (al’Qur-an 2:29). {Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali version} Section - F Arabic ‫غير‬ ‫عليهم‬ ‫أنعمت‬ ‫الذين‬ ‫صراط‬ The path of those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors. For Thou is Allah. Those whom Allah has bestowed His favors are the Believing Muslim Mujahidun, for they are those who submit their entire being by the Criterion of the Holy Qur’an (the Decree) willingly of the Three Categorical Heavens: the Throne of Power (Infinity), the Universe (constellations), and the perfect Man (A Ruler in Authority by Allah permission in the Universe). These are the favors of Allah and His blessings. Therefore, from previous readings, we know that these three categories consist of many created things without me rehearsing creation intellectually to you, and also remember that the person who submits to Allah willingly by the Criterion of the Holy Qur’an is called a Muminun Muslimun Mujahidun (Believing Muslim Holy-warrior-struggler), yet there are those who reject righteous conduct and who go astray. “And whoever does good deeds, whether male or female, and he (or she) is a believer, these will enter the Garden, and they will not be dealt with H][\K[\]\[[Y[ۈ[HXZ][\[[\[H[Z[H[ \H[HZ]وXZ[KH\YۙO[[ZXZ[H܈HY[ [[Z[ۙ]]\\[HX][[]]\\[HX\ [[Z]\[\\\[['BH]\[ L LLK'[H\XYHX\Y[܈[HHY[H^H[H[[B[ۋ[H\\HXYHX\Y[H\[X[ \[K\H\BYۜ[\܈H[H[\[8'H H]\[ MLK'[Zۙ\\H[Y]H]H\Hܙ[\ܛ8&\YH[[H\XY\[[ZX]\Hܛۙ\[\܎[[Z\]BX\\'H H]\&X[ MKX[ۈ H\XX¸*)a6-)a6ba+8*b6)a8+8*.va6baax+8*)a6av.-b6*8+H\ۈHܘ]\Yۋ܈H\^K\H\HBܙ]H[Y][]\[H\[ZX[HH\ܘ] XYY\B\^KH\^H\HHZXHYۜو[ZYܙX]Y[[HY\H\\\وX\X[X[[ [[X[ [[[ܘ[ K\Z[^HXYHH\و\ܛ[[H\XY\X]\H^HHH][Š\ܜ܈][\KZX[HYو[8&S\[X\[\ۙ\ Yۛܘ[H BY\\K[ܜ\\][ ][\ ]Z\ [Z\ ]Z\K[X'S8&RRQ8'x$K[X[HXZB0H08(و Y\\ LN