AL'JIHAD : AJAAUCOAO Magazine 2 - Page 5

obey, and understand the seven fundamental principles of Islam in the worship of Allah Tawhid (the belief and faith of the worship in The Oneness of Allah). Now, the Believing Muslim must shows gratitude to Allah by bearing witness that there is no true God but He (Allah). Then, Believing Muslim prays at appointed times at lease five times a day. Next, these servants of Allah pay the charity. Further, he will fast during the sacred month of Rammadhan. And last, he will journey to Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula at least once in his life; he journey if circumstance permit him to go to Mecca. This is the ritual practice of the Five Pillar of Islam for the Believing Muslim. The other is the disbelieving (kafirun) Muslim; he mentally rejects that which created him at first. His behavior is guided common thought, his endeavor in life are suggestions, whether they are rational or ill'rational. Disbelieving (Kafirun) Muslims vessels through life on the scholarship of immorality as an unwillingly servant of Allah. His justifications are amended, ratified, and/or vetoed as an uncertain individual and/or people, but he is still Muslim. You are Muslim. Islam has been since Allah first creation of the Universe. To conclude, whether you believe in creationism, evolutionism, and/or the belief of thought of disbelief as atheist and/or pantheist, you are still Muslim. You are subjects of the seven fundamental principles of Islam. You are gravitating in Allah Tawhid willingly and/or unwillingly. Moral and immoral people are seeking the help and mercy of something greater than themselves. Why? You are Muslim. You are Muslim submitting to Allah knowingly or unknowingly. European Jews/Christians and Polytheist Arabs and so-called Black African Americans and many others have taken Holy-war (Fighting) in The Cause of Allah (al’Jihad) out of The Seven Fundamental Principles of Islam and The Five Pillars of Islam. For, The Holy-war-fighting is by the Shariah of Allah (swt) al’Qur-an, in which al’Jihad is the only way to bring the So-called Black African American out of Slavery whom are now subjected slaves of oppression. The European (so-called Whitepeople) Christian devils have now held the descendants of the Fatimid Dynesty and the Umayad Dynasty (so-called Black African Americans) of Islam as captive slaves in America of the now United States of America for 440 plus years and counting, in which these subject unidentified Mujahidun are the now so-called Black African American Christian Cross Wearing Niggers (ignorant or do not know identity). "And Jesus said unto him, why callest thou me good? No one is good save One; that is Allah" (Luke 18:19). "And he said unto them, what things? And they said unto him, Concerning Jesus ('Isa) of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people" (According to Luke 24:19). “Permission (to fight) is given to those on whom war is made, because they are oppressed. And surely Allah is able to assist them—“ (al’Qur-an 22:39). Page 5 of 28: IMAM MAHDI * Cheraw, South Carolina * A-IPNA (Islam Authoritarian)