AL'JIHAD : AJAAUCOAO Magazine 2 - Page 27

Order Agreement: All orders accompanied with a cashier check or money order are quickly processed. Personal checks take longer. Most orders are sent UPS, therefore, please give a street address. The following are the shipping and handling charge. Orders: Cost: $1.00 25.99 $3.00 1st item; and $ .85 each additional item. $26.0075.99 10% S/H $76.00- 300.99 8% S/H $301.00- 500.99 7% S/H $501.00- 2,000.00 6% S/H Orders (In the USA and Canada): Imam Mahdi ask that all Believing Muslims who own their business to buy 100 to 100,000 or plus of the $19.95 AL’JIHAD DVD Film for $10. each to inviting or sharing with people in your community (Based upon you finances of available zakkat [charity]). Orders will be shipped by surface Mail (without insurance) unless other arrangements are made in advance. Pre-form Invoice is provided upon request. Export Policy requires advance payment in full. In case of a Letter of Credit, partial shipment must be allowed. All Bank charges, including Commissions, etc., are to be paid by the customer. Insurance is to be arranged by the customer. Shipments to certain coun Y\Y[Y\X[Z\[\[H[ۈHRTRQP\\ˈ܈[HY][ۘ[\[š[ܛX][ۈ܈\[[Y[۝X\\[\\Y[ \[܈\[H[\[]Y\ܙ\[X\Y\ΈHۛB\[]Z[XH\\XY X H[HX^[][H\[\΂Œ LIH\[\܈[\[[[ܜ \[[\[H[\HۛK–[\X\ٝ[\][[[[][ۈ\ۛHYSPSHPRB[]Y\΂[[HX\H[\[[HH\ܝ[8'RPUPS\[H]X[][ۂY[H KRTJx'H][[X[ۘ][ۜ ܙ\΂KL][\\H[XK[X[HXZBMH][\ L B̍HY\Y]NNH][\ MIB\] MLL MNH][\ BL ][\ IBS8&RRQ\]Z[XN[[XZ^  MKMBY^H NK[YHKRK RRHXX KMB˚ZY˘H\[YN[H NKMBۙN ˌLˎ NH[^H L[KXY^[HۛY ˎMBS8&RRQ[K\[KX\Y[Y[Έ[]KKӌU\‚[ ܈H[X[HXZHٙXX[[[ZY S8&RPUPKSP8&US8&PTRHYY][HX[ۜ[ˈ\\\HY[Z]H\و][\H\\Y[\[H][X\\HXX[B]]XK[H\H\Y[܈[H][KX [ ܈\XHZ[ݚYYHRPUPS [X[HXZN[ H[[H܈[\\ܝ X\HۙH[YܙH[[[[\[[X[\ܝ YH و SPSHPRH \]]\[H KRTH \[H]]ܚ]\X[B