AL'JIHAD : AJAAUCOAO Magazine 2 - Page 16

Mahdi (Yahdi), I have been placed under obligation by Allah in His religion Islam by the Law of His al’Qur-an, that I hear, obey, and understand His al’Qur-an as all true Believing Muslims (Mujahidun). Allah is the Creator of the Heaven and earth, and He is The Creator of all that less and greater than an atom. Allah has Decreed for Imam Mahdi to teach the Mujahidum how to fight al’Jihad by the Law of al’Qur-an, in that Islam triumph over all religions and/or constitutions in Hܛ []\JH[[Z[8&T]\X[YH\[وRPUPS[]Y[[]XZ][ܘ[Y[\ Hܛ][H KLNRДQH[[Y]وHX]H[ZJH]ˈ]\[\ [X]\š][H\ٝ[\Y\HوX][܋[HY[[ ܈Z[\Bܝ\[[Z[Y]Z\[HH[[\[\KXZ[^Y\ [] H[Hܜ\[Hۙ[\و[Z]][H\X]H܈\\ ]Y H\HۛB^H܈]܈[H[\H\ٝ[\Y\HوX][KLLKL H]XوH[]Y]\و[Y\XH\Hܘ]و[Z YHBTH]\H[X\HوHX[Y[X[H[ܚ\ [HX[YXœ[KH[]Y]\و[Y\XH\Z[[H]]H[][]H[YBܙZYۙ\[[\ܘ\H[\[ [\ Y[Y\KH]XۈZYHX\\[Y\H[Y\XH[\]\X[[Y\\[Hܘ]و[Zۈ]\[\X]\H[Z\][[HH]\X[[^H[]K\ؙ^H[8&T]\X[][][ۜ˜H\\][[Z[]Y[Y[\ˈH\[ZX[Y\][Z\Y[ ܂\Y]]\[\\\ \[ X[[ۙ X\K[\]\[H\[\˜[]\\[\]H]\X[][ ]\X[[\]Z\ B[\[\]H[Y][]\[\\[و[Y\X[]\H [܊K[X]\H]\[\\H]Y\HHZYHX\ ][YHYBܙ[^][ۜ ۋ\ٚ]XH[ ܈ٚ]XJHوH[Y][]\[\وH\[ق[][Y[و[Y\XH KH[\[\^H]\K[Y\H\[Y][]\[Hܙ[^][ۈ[]ۋ]\H\H[Y][“]\[HH]\H[]ۋ[H]\HZ[Y[\X\ܙ[^][ۜ[][Z\H\\ۈXZH]Hۋ\ٚ]XH[ٚ]XHܙ[^][ۜ܈B\XH܈H[K܋[Z\H\ۈH[\ Hܘ]و[ZYB\ۈH[]Y]\و[Y\XH[Hܛ܈H[][ۈو\]Y \]\[\[[]x&XZ [\X [Zܘ]\Z[H]\\X[ۈ[[]\Hۜ[\ܜ\[\[H [Z K[Zܘ][\H\ۈH[BH[[][ H܈Z\[][ۈ \[[JH\Z[X[Y\YRPUPS[]Y[[]XZ][ܘ[Y[\ Hܛ][H KLNRДQH[B]ZZY['[][XZHYHX[^H][\]X]\]Y[\\]Y ]ܘ\H[ܝ[ ݙ\]\H[]Y[)'H  KJKYH Mو SPSHPRH \]]\[H KRTH \[H]]ܚ]\X[B