AL'JIHAD : AJAAUCOAO Magazine 2 - Page 12

al-‘Abbas said to ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with them), ‘Hold out your hand for I acknowledge you by oath, and let the people say that the uncle of the Prophet acknowledges his paternal cousin so that no two men will raise objection.” ‘Ali became fourth Khalifa (656-661). Abu Bakr, Umar, ‘Uthman, nor Ali have never established written reports about Muhammad (may Allah be please with all of them); they only recited and established the teachings of al’Qur-an. Now, after a hundred-fifty years of the death of the Seal of the Prophet, there were writings, reports, statements, and so-called proof about the action, deed, and directive saying and approval of the Prophet-Messenger Muhammad (pbuh). These writings separated the Believing Muslims into two categories: Shi’a and Sunna. Shi’a (Shi’is / Shi’ites) – is a Believing Muslim sect that accepts ‘Ali being the rightly successor and first Imam (Leader/Ruler/Authority) after the death of the ProphetMessenger Muhammad. ‘Ali is the first Imam in a divine chain of Imamate. Imams choose their sons as successors, therefore the Prophet’s descent of ‘Ali and Fatima are continued. It can be a child or adult male; it is instructed by preceding Imams and divine revelations. The Imam is sinless and/or infallible regardless of what it may appear to be. He is bodily and spiritual successor to the Prophet, and he serves as a gateway to Allah. And last, there is the Imam, in which he is present and hidden until the twelfth Imam Mahdi reveal himself. He will arise as the Messiah to establish divine justice. It was reported by Qadi al-Nu’man b. Muhammad al. Tamimi in the Book of Faith: “28. And the incident of Ghadir Khaumm, and the Prophets stand on that occasion regarding the nomination of Ali as his (Muhammad [pbuh]) Plenipotentiary (Authority – Diplomat – Khalifa) is common knowledge and notorious to be denied neither by friend nor foe, may Allah bless him and his progeny.” Sunni (Sunnah / Sunnis – action, deed, and directive saying and approval) – is a sect of Believing Muslims who accepts the Khalifa (Commander) as their leader. They are elected by consensus of qualified Muslims and/or they are designated by predecessor. The Sunnis believe the Khalifa must be Qura \[\[ [H]\H[Y[X[K^H[Y]H]H[YH]\]HY[[XYH[X[Y[ܜ[]H\[XK]H]\B[ܘ[\[\[YKH[\[Y]HH[YH\H[X[X\܈H] [\ H[YH]\H\XH\[[H]\[H[][]HX][YZ[\\\XKH[8&KSX]\x&\ݙ\Y[[]]\8$ۈH۝XوB[\]H8'̋[ZZY 8&[H[Y]HHؙ^H[Z[ؙ^HH][H[]]ܚ]H[[ۙ[K\H[[Y\ؙ^HHܝHو[X[[[ۙ\ΈB[\]HYH[\ݙ\\˸'H8'K8)[ܙ[ݙ\^HX\Y\[X\[B\H[X[\[[H\HZ[\\˸'HH] Z K8'ZY[ۘ\[\X\Y^\X8'H8']HXY[HH]\X[[][\XYH[K'B\H\[ Hx&XH[H[HZHY\[]XY\\8$[HYܝ]\[H][\ݙ\[[Y[ۜHH]و[8&T]\X[Hx&XH[Y]\]H[X[BXZH[HH[Y][]\[HK]\\Y\]H]\X[[[ݙHY܂\[x&\ܘYX[][\ݙ\[[Y[ۜH[H[Y]\]H[YH\H[Y][“]\[HK]\\Y\][8&T]\X[[[ݙHY]\H\[HܘYX[B][\ݙ\[[Y[ۜ[Hܛ ۙK]K[\Hܛ[ۈYHۛ\HYH[X[HXZKX[8&R[YK[X[HXZH[ۛH]Z[\Y[]H[]Y\ ؚX]\BH\ܙX]܈وHX][[X\ [Z]\HH[H܈HXK[ H[YHو[X[HXZH\ۛHYY\HYH[HX\[H\Z\XY\P[X[\܋YH[HZX[X[HXZH8$H[XZ]H\[YH[H\X[ۈو[Z[ X\X[X[[ [X[[X[H[۝[YH\]\”YH Lو SPSHPRH \]]\[H KRTH \[H]]ܚ]\X[B