Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 4

Table of Contents I. Intro II. VII. A. Who We Are A. Crown Rust B. What are Food Grade Oats B. Stem Rust C. Fusarium Head Blight D. Septoria E. Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus F. Fungicide Field Selection III. IV. A. Important Considerations B. Oats in Rotation Seed Selection A. Proper Seed Choices B. Preferred Varieties A. Timing B. Plant Populations B. VI. 4 Insect A. X. Fertilizer A. VIII. IX. Planting V. Plant Disease Bird Cherry-oat Aphid Maturity A. Grain Fill and Ripening B. Pre-Harvest Desiccation Harvest Primary Macro-Nutrients A. Swathing 1. Nitrogen B. Combining 2. Phosphorus P2O5 3. Potassium K2O XI. Safe Storage A. Secondary Macro-Nutrients Moisture Control 1. Sulfur 1. Drying Temperature 2. Magnesium 2. Air Flow 3. Minimum Moisture Weed Control A. Natural B. Herbicide C. Mechanical XII. Uses A. What is done with oats