Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 36

Return to preceding couplet (8). pronotum narrower than abdomen club no club pronotum same width as abdomen Figure 9.1. Figure 9.2. 9 9’ Antennae long with segments uniform in shape, pronotum narrower than abdomen, abdomen and pronotum slightly rounded (not parallel sided), may be spider-like in appearance. Spider Beetles - Ptininae Return to preceding couplet (9’). Insect with antennae variable in length (usually short) but end in more or less distinct club, pronotum and abdomen same width. Go to couplet 10 teeth Figure 10.1. Figure 10.2. 10 10’ 36 Abdomen and pronotum parallel sided, not round in shape; cylindrical in cross section; shiny and uniform in colour; pronotum with rasp-like teeth. Lesser Grain Borer – Rhyzopertha dominica Round or oval in overall shape, covered with setae (hair) or scales and appearing hairy or fuzzy; colour variable and may be patterned; front edges of pronotum strongly curved. Hide Beetles or Larder Beetles Dermestidae