Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 29

PRINCIPAL STORED GRAIN INSECTS saW-toothed Grain Beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis Length: Approximately 3 mm Slender, flat, brown beetle. It gets its name from the peculiar structure of the thorax, which bears six sawtoothlike projections on each side. It attacks in both the larval and adult stages. The adults live on an average 6 to 10 months. The female lays 43 to 285 eggs. Infests mainly grain and grain products but also noodles, wafers, nuts, and dried fruit. Causes sometimes the so-called "hot spots" in stored grain. flat Grain Beetle Cryptolestes pusillus Length: Approximately 2 mm Minute, flattened, oblong, reddish-brown beetle, with elongate antennae about two-thirds as long as the body. One of the smaller beetles commonly found in stored grain. Females deposit small white eggs in crevices in the grain or drop them loosely upon farinaceous material. The larvae are fond of the wheat germ, and, in infested grain, many kernels are found uninjured except for the removal of the germ. Larvae also feed on dead insects. Frequently found in enormous numbers with the rice weevil. This insect is a scavenger and often infests grain and meal that are in poor condition. confused flour Beetle Tribolium confusum Length: Approximately 4 mm Shiny, flattened, oval, reddish-brown beetle. The head and upper parts of the thorax are densely covered with minute punctures. The wing covers are ridged lengthwise and are sparsely punctured between the ridges. The average life is about 1 year. Badly infested flour has a sharp odor and turns brown; its baking properties are damaged. This beetle is closely related and almost identical in appearance to the Red Flour Beetle. anGoumois Grain moth Sitotroga cerealella Length: Approximately 8 mm Wing span: Approximately 16 mm Small buff or yellowish-brown moth. The rear edges of the forewings and hindwings have long fringes. Larva crawl t