Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 26

RECOMMENDED VARIETIES FOR MILLING OATS Canadian Prairie Provinces Recommended: Acceptable: -Camden 1 -Minstrel -Morgan 1,2 -Betania -Summit -Souris -Dancer -Orrin -Leggett -Stride -Triactor 1 -Pinnacle -Seabiscuit Prohibited Varieties: -Gwen -Mustang -Whitestone -Jasper -Jordan -Grizzly -Juniper -Feed Varieties -Lu -Bullion -Boudrias -Hullless Varieties -Ronald -Cascade -Murphy -Forage Style Varieties Varieties Under Review: 1 2 -Oravena -Justice -OT6008 -Ruffian -Norseman -OT6009 Due to reduced rust resistance this variety may require a fungicide application, under conventional systems, in rust prone areas Preferred Variety in Northern Alberta  Grain Millers recommends the frequent scouting of oats fields for both insects and plant diseases from early in the growing season through heading.  If leaf fungal diseases are seen, the timely application of registered and approved fungicides for non-organically grown oats is approved and recommended to enhance both yield and grain quality potential.  Contact Grain Millers for more information. At the time of publication, it is believed that the varieties listed above, combined with good agronomic characteristics and management, should provide the best opportunity for growers to produce food quality oats.  Before purchasing or planting oat varieties not listed, please contact Grain Millers to discuss attributes of other varieties considered. 26