Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 25

Late Season Deon — A high yielding spring yellow oat with overall good agronomic traits from the University of Minnesota. It has good test weight and is medium yellow in color. Maturity rating, height and lodging score is similar to North Dakota varieties but Deon has a better resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus. It also has moderately susceptible to crown rust resistance and has resistance to smut. Hayden — Is a mid to late maturing line with excellent yield potential and high test weight. It is a white-ulled oat line from South Dakota State University. Maturity and lodging are similar to Newburg with a height that is on average a few inches shorter. It is resistant to smut, moderately resistant to BYDV, moderately susceptible to crown and stem rust. Newburg— A high yielding oat variety adapted to the North Central states and to the prairie provinces of Canada. Newburg is most similar to HiFi but is resistant to stem rust. Kernels of Newburg are white, fluorescent, medium to large, and mid-plump. It is susceptible to crown rust, contains moderate resistance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV), and is moderately susceptible to stem rust. Rockford — A high yielding variety that offers very good lodging resistance. It is a white-hulled spring grain oat, developed by North Dakota State University. Rockford is susceptible to crown rust, moderately susceptible to stem rust race NA67, and is tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus. Souris — Medium-tall, medium maturity oat from North Dakota State University. High yielding, white-hulled cultivar with test weights consistently high enough for premium oat markets. Souris will grow under high moisture and fertility conditions. It has good tolerance to yellow dwarf viruses and is susceptible to stem and crown rust. RECOMMENDED VARIETIES FOR MILLING OATS Eastern Canadian Provinces Recommended - AC Dieter - CDC Dancer - AC Aylmer - AC Nicolas - CDC Orrin - Nice - Vitality Acceptable - Triactor Non-Preferred - Bia - Almonte - Vitality - Richmond - Canmore - Bolina - Optimum - Nova - Avata - Rigodon 25