Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 24

Descriptions of U.S. Recommended Varieties Early Season Badger — Badger is an early season, yellow hulled oat developed at the University of Wisconsin. It has the same heading date as Dane and is two days earlier than Kame. Badger has had consistently high grain yields and excellent test weight compared to other early season oat. Lodging percentage is fair to good and about equal to Vista. Badger is one inch shorter than Kame. Badger has some barley yellow dwarf virus tolerance and is susceptible to crown rust. Colt — A white hulled oat developed at South Dakota State University and when compared to the older University of Illinois variety ‘Don,’ has superior grain yield, test weight, protein percentage, and groat percentage. The disease ratings include: resistance to smut, susceptible to crown rust, and moderately susceptible to BYDV. Colt also has a short-to-medium plant height and a very early maturity. It is a multi-purpose variety that may be used for companion crop, multi-cropping, and/or harvesting for grain. Excel — Medium early maturity, high yielding, medium height and strong straw strength. Ivory yellow seed, with good test weight and groat percentage. Excel is moderately susceptible to crown rust and loose smut. It has good tolerance to yellow dwarf viruses and is susceptible to stem rust. Selected at Purdue Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2007. Saber — The pedigree of Saber is ‘Tack’/’Spurs’. Tack and Spurs are both spring oat cultivars developed and released by the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. Saber is a yellow hulled oat selected and released based on its combination of excellent yield, high test weight, and tolerance to Barley yellow dwarf virus when compared to other early oats. Spurs — An oat variety released by the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. This variety has high yield potential combined with good test weight and tan to white kernel color. Spurs is moderately early and has moderately short plant type. The barley yellow dwarf virus tolerance and crown rust resistance of Spurs is similar to Blaze. Tack — A spring oat variety adapted to the Midwestern U.S. and released by the Ill. Ag. Exp. Station. It is a tan-seeded variety very good yield potential with exceptionally high test weight for an early season oat. It exhibits good barley yellow dwarf virus tolerance and has reduced crown rust resistance. Lodging resistance is similar to Ogle. Medium Season Beta Gene — Beta-Gene is a high yielding oat developed by the University of Wisconsin. It has good straw strength and a stature that is similar to t