Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 17

Septoria Septoria, also known as leaf blotch is the last of the major fungal diseases. Conditions that are conducive for infection and growth of the disease are warm and humid conditions. Constant moisture in the lower canopy is going to enhance the presence and severity of the disease. Symptoms Septoria is a fungal disease that exhibits symptoms first as small spots on the lower leaves of seedlings. Spots grow into larger, lens-shaped lesions which are initially yellow and later turn reddish brown.2 Lesions are first found on lower leaves within the plant canopy. Fig. x7. Leaves infected by Septoria Leaf blotch (Picture from AAFC and Andy Tekauz) Control Septoria can be controlled by early application of an approved fungicide, the economic threshold is 25% of the leaves having one or more lesions (Manitoba Ag). Avoid back-to-back cereal crops and incorporate straw to help reduce the potential of infection. “Septoria Leaf and Glume Blotch in Wheat, Barley, and Oats. “Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development. Government of Manitoba, Web. 17