Albert Lea Seed House Oat Production Guide - Page 13

Fig. x2. Infected flag leaf of oats with pustules (orange) and teliospores (black) of crown rust. Such leaf will have reduced photosynthetic activity. Infection and Control There are two different sources for inoculum of the crown rust pathogen. These two are the Puccinia Pathway and overwintering on the buckthorn plant. The Puccinia Pathway is the name given to the windborne movement of spores from the southern parts of the United States where it can overwinter and survive. The pathogen is also known to overwinter on the buckthorn bush (Fig.x3). It is then allowed to reproduce and infect oat plants during the optimal conditions of summer. Despite the fact that the pathogen is constantly changing, the best initial control for this disease is through genetic resistance (Fig. x4). New oat varieties are always being bred to resist this pathogen, so be sure to select a variety that has been known to exhibit this resistance. “Oat Crown Rust.” Cereal Rusts. USDA ARS. Web. “Crown Rust of Oat.” Disease. Government of Saskatchewan, 2009. Web. Fig. x3. Crown rust buckthorn bush. Spores blown from this shrub infect oats. 13