Albert Lea Seed House 2018 Organic Seed Guide - Page 2

Dear Friends, From all of us at Albert Lea Seed, we want to say a sincere Thank You for your business over the past year. Due to the enthusiastic support from our customers, new & returning, our business transition has been a success! We’re grateful to be able to make a living doing something to which we are committed, devoting all of our resources as a company to the Organic & Non-GMO farming community. Here are some things we are working on: Seed Purity We understand that seed purity is very important to organic farmers, because it is very important to organic consumers. To meet that need we are: • Bringing you more choices and more volume of Viking Ultra-Pure & Pure corn hybrids for 2018. Viking Ultra-Pure hybrids have generated a lot of interest around the country with their 99.9% GMO-Free Guarantee, and they also bring elite corn genetics that are unique to Viking Organic seed. • Offering Viking Ultra-Pure soybeans. Select varieties of Viking Organic soybeans aimed at the food market & dual-purpose market will have a premium level of seed purity (99.9% free of GMOs). • Investing in an alfalfa purification and production program that will allow us to bring Viking Organic Ultra-Pure alfalfa seed to you starting in 2019. Expanded Organic Seed Choices • For Organic farmers needing silage hybrids, we are offering two classes of hybrids in 2018. For the first time ever we are launching Viking Leafy/Floury silage-specific hybrids (3 maturities). We have also expanded our Viking Grain/Silage dual-purpose hybrids. • Viking Soybeans from 0.6 – 3.0 maturities • Significant production of Organic smooth and meadow brome grass seed • Organic purple top turnips and other Organic brassicas • Winter barley, Aroostook winter rye & soft red winter wheat Research & Development • Dedicated corn-silage product testing and development • Expanded organic & Non-GMO corn hybrid testing • On-Organic-farm Organic corn hybrid performance evaluation • Multiple Purification projects • Seed coating development with industry partners None of this would be possible without the support you show for organic seed! Thank you and we wish you the best of success in the upcoming season. Mac & Tom Ehrhardt and everyone at Albert Lea Seed 2 Printed on 100% recycled paper 800-352-5247