Alaska CHARR - The Magazine September/October - Page 4

WELCOME Letter from the Chairman SAYING ‘THANK YOU’ BY PAUL THOMAS | CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD The message for this edition’s Letter from the Chairman is “Thank You.” It is always challenging to meet my article deadline and select a topic that will be relevant to you when the issue is released, but at the rate things are changing for our industry over these past six months, it is almost impossible. But my message of gratitude for our stellar CHARR staff is relevant now and always. Our CEO/President Sarah Oates and each member of her amazing team have been doing an incredible job during this COVID crisis. Putting in long hours, attending and organizing all forms of meetings, and asking important questions of our state and local government officials, they have stayed current or more appropriately ahead of the blistering changes in rules, current data, and need for industry publications. Distributing that information to the whole industry, and local and state government on many occasions, at an incredible pace and through multiple outlets has been amazing to behold. Most of us never directly witness the hard work and long hours that goes into what we get from CHARR. Sometimes, if you are on one of the more active committees that meet regularly you get an idea of some of the effort put in by staff behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. But most often our view comes from Industry Email updates, the Bi-weekly Industry ZOOM meetings, and seeing or hearing Sarah in the news. And we sometimes miss recognizing the immense effort that goes into providing us the extensive list of information and tools we are given, which in the period between March and July 2020 included: • 34 Industry Email Updates, often with multiple topics • 15 Industry ZOOM Meetings, with Subject Matter Experts and up to the minute updates on current info and trends ALASKA CHARR MAGAZINE | 2