Alaska CHARR - The Magazine September/October - Page 10

EVENTS have the added advantage of being able to pull from the experiences of three generations of owner/operators. Two other members of my family have served on the Alaska CHARR Board of Directors, and my father also served on the State of Alaska Alcohol Beverage Control Board for six years. Together my family has over 70 years in the industry, owning bars and package stores. COOK INLET - JEANNE REILLY Reilly’s Irish Pub, Anchorage Hello fellow CHARR Members, My name is Jeanne Reilly, and I own Reilly’s Irish Pub in Anchorage. I have been involved with CHARR for quite a while. First being on some of the different committees. I ran for a seat on the board in 2010 and was selected. The experience has been extremely eyeopening and has given me a fascinating look at the various challenges and rewards our industry members experience all across the state. It has been wonderful to serve on the board and be a part of our industry’s decision making. I enjoy being in the mix of current issues, and trying to set a precedent of success for those that will follow in our footsteps. I would like your vote to continue serving Alaska’s hospitality industry and continue to make a positive impact. Thank you. COOK INLET – DARWIN BIWER, JR Darwin’s Theory, Anchorage I have been on the Board of Directors for over 20 years. I have been elected by my peers and served as Chairman for 12 years. I'm also Chairman of the Board of Cook Inlet CHARR. I have over 39 years’ experience in the bar business as owner of Darwin’s Theory in downtown Anchorage. I have lived in the Bush (Dillingham, King Salmon), Southeast (Juneau), and obviously in Anchorage (Girdwood). I have traveled extensively across the State from Ketchikan to Kotzebue so I know the problems associated with the various areas of the State. I know and am known by most politicians across the State. This helps with the duties associated with legislative matters that are so critical to Alaska CHARR. With your vote, I look forward to keep serving the interests of Alaska CHARR members. Thank you. KETCHIKAN - GEORGE TIPTON My Office Sports Bar, Godfather’s Pizza and 49er Bar, Ketchikan George is a former President and Chairman of the Board of Alaska State CHARR, a long-time Budget Committee member and the current State Board Treasurer. The State CHARR organization recognized his dedication to the industry in giving him the Pioneer Award and Lifetime Achievement Award for his involvement and support of the industry. This includes initiating the search and purchase for the Anchorage headquarters building, getting Ketchikan CHARR to be the first to commit $50,000 to the Building Fund and always being in Juneau to support the lobbying efforts and being ever present at the State Convention. He has actively been involved in statewide and local politics where he was a former 2-term Borough Assemblyman and has sat on about every local government committee imaginable. He currently also sits on the Ketchikan CHARR board which puts on a $100,000 prize ladder Salmon Derby, initiated the New Year’s Eve Cab Ride program in the State, donates tens of thousands of dollars to local community efforts and is a Pull tab operator for the Ketchikan CHARR Educational Fund that give scholarships to High School Seniors. This is a vote for a dedicated industry voice! Thank you. JUNEAU/LYNN CANAL - PAUL THOMAS Alaska Cache Liquor, Juneau/Lynn Canal I am proud to have served on the CHARR Statewide Board of Directors as your Chairman since September of 2018 and as your Vice Chair for six terms before that. I have been a business owner and operator in the industry for over 20 years myself, but I also ALASKA CHARR MAGAZINE | 8 I believe the work CHARR does is extremely important to the current and future state of our industry. We have faced many new unforeseen challenges in the last six months with the current worldwide pandemic impacting our industry heavily. I believe CHARR has been able to move with these changes to support our members with tools and information critical to your businesses. CHARR has also made many organizational and functional changes over the last couple of years that I am proud to have been a part of. I am proud of the work I have done as a previous Chair and now member of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and as an industry stakeholder working on the numerous legislative bills affecting our industry and to revise Title IV. Our great State and industry are facing an uncertain economic future and challenges from health mandates, virus response, tourism changes, and changing rules and regulations, just to name a few! Our industry needs to continue to stay united and working together to support and build our industry while protecting our livelihood that we have worked so hard to build. I am eager to continue my work on the Board in the face of these ongoing challenges. I thrive on these challenges and have demonstrated my commitment, passion, and ability to fight for our industry in my position as Chairman of the Board. Please consider giving me your vote and giving me the opportunity to again support you in the immediate and long-term priorities for our industry. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!