Alabama Jewelers Association Spring 2018 - Page 6

President’s Message Welcome to the tenth annual Alabama/Georgia Jewelers Association convention. It has been a busy year for the jewelry industry and for the Alabama Jewelers. I hope the Christmas season was profitable for everyone and I for one have had enough cold weather for a while. A relaxing and productive weekend of fun, socializing and education at the beautiful Callaway Gardens should be a perfect way to kick off the spring season. We have an exciting line up of guest speakers that will touch on multiple phases of the industry from production to product knowledge. Chris Glaser of CAD CAM Advisors will touch on many of the technological opportunities for the industry. Jeff Beale, with a background including consulting for Fortune 500 companies will offer marketing advice and strategies, and Kathy Grenier from the Cultured Pearl Association will offer insight into pearls, a product that has always been a major category for the retail jeweler. Jewelers of America will once again sponsor and facilitate the Idea Exchange. This discussion of a wide range of issues facing the jewelry industry Glenn Manning and our collective input make this exciting and informative. Manning Jewelry The design competition has been growing each year and I thank all the Foley talented jewelers and judges that make it possible each year. Best of luck to the participants. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to the AJA Board of Directors, the Advertisers and Sponsors and all who work diligently to make this event and this organization a success. Time moves quickly and 2018 will see the change of the gavel for the Alabama Jewelers Association. I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve this organization. It has been my pleasure and honor to do so. I would especially like to thank Nancy Dawkins who has been the Executive Director for the past year. She has done an outstanding job and has been and will continue to be instrumental to the success of the President and the organization. Please enjoy the convention, the facility and the fellowship. Have fun and take advantage of the opportunity to improve, because that is what it is all about. President Sincerely, Glenn Manning Executive Officers Vice President Bill Wismar Treasurer Ryan Snuggs Secretary Marshall Sanford Executive Director Nancy Dawkins Wismar Jewelry Fairhope Bromberg & Co. Birmingham Hayes Jewelers Mobile Nancy & Co. Northport 4