Alabama Coasting 2019 - Page 7

By now, you might be thinking to yourselves, why would people go to so much trouble to live on Dauphin Island? And why do so many people like to vacation there? And the answer is this: Because the tradeoffs are priceless. l You’ll encounter one breath-taking sunset after another. Dauphin Island is trademarked as “the Sunset Capital of Alabama” for good reason. Plus there is the tranquil lifestyle, water and beach- es almost everywhere you look, and a high-rise bridge which offers such a spectacular view of the island that even long-time residents still say “wow” when they cross it. l There are miles of sidewalks and bik- ing/walking/jogging paths. l The local populace is friendly and welcoming. l The island is awash in history. Long before Europeans arrived in 1699 -- hundreds of years before -- Native Americans came and went on the island; and long before modern-day folks were opening oysters on the island, the Indi- ans were steaming and roasting them and then discarding the shells at a site now called Indian Shell Mound Park. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. You also won’t want to miss Fort Gaines, which played a key role in the Civil War’s Battle of Mobile Bay.  l There are birds everywhere (think “eco-tourism”). Dauphin Island is home to a 137-acre Audubon Bird Sanctuary, which draws bird-watchers from all over the country. The National Audu- bon Society calls the island “globally im- portant” in bird migrations; and it has been voted the “Birdiest Small City in America” several years in a row. Another glorious day comes to an end on the Sunset Capital of Alabama. ALABAMA COASTING’S DAUPHIN ISLAND LIFE 2019 7